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Himachal Pradesh University (HPU) 2008 B.Tech ADVANCE MICROPROCESSOR - Question Paper

Tuesday, 22 January 2013 08:25Web

B.Tech sixth Semester exam
Advanced microprocessor & microcontroller (ECE)
Time Allowed: three Hours Maximum Marks: 100
Note: Attempt five ques. in all, by selecting at lowest one ques. from every of part A, B, C, D and entire section-E.

1. Draw the block diagram of internal architecture of 8086. discussed the function of every.
2. What is addressing modes? discuss the different addressing modes available in 8086 with suitable example.

3. explain the format & function of different jump & loop instruction with example.
4. Write an assembly language program for keyboard detect, debounce encode procedure

5. Draw the pin diagram of 80286. discuss his function of every pin in brief?
6. explain the operating mode of 80386 & 80486. Compare the important feature?
7. Discribe the function of every block of internal architecture of 8051. [20]
8. Discuss:
a) Development system for micro controller.
b) Serial data I/O. [20]
6. Explain:
a) What info appears on the address/data bus of the 8088 while ALE is active?
b) Purpose of interrupt flag.
c) Name the 4 general purpose data register of 8086.
d) Which register r called base register?
e) Explain the purpose of CAP pin in 80286.
f) Two difference ranging from 80286 & 8086.
g) Two similarities ranging from 80386 & 80486.
h) Purpose of end directives.
i) Difference ranging from an intersegment & intrasegment jump.
j) How is the procedure identified as near or far? [20]

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