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Hemwati Nandan Bahuguna Garhwal University 2006 B.Com BUSINESS STATISTICS - Question Paper

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1. On what basis the value of median is calculated? (a) Frequency polygon (b) Ogive curve (c) Frequency curve (d) Histogram
2. The difference ranging from true value and estimated value determines: (a) Absolute fault (b) Relative fault (c) Absolute and Relative fault (d) None of these
3. A caption means: (a) Title of the table (b) Heading of a column (c) Title of the row (d) Heading of source
4. The Geometric Mean of 2 numbers eight and 18 shall be: (a) 12 (b) 13 (c) 14 (d) 2.25
5. If variance is 3969,then standard deviation will be: (a) 39 (b) 96 (c) 69 (d) 63
6. If the price of a commodity doubles in four years,what will be the avg. percentage rate of increase per year?
7. In a batch of 21 students eight were failed.The marks found by the successful students were 5,4,8,6,4,5,9,7,8,5,6 respectively. obtain out median of marks of all the students.
8. If the difference of 2 quartiles=32, sum of 2 quartiles=76, Median=48,then compute coefficient of skewness.
9. If (P.E)=0.025 and N=100,Find the value of correlation.
10. elaborate the components of a Time series?
11. Locate the missing frequencies in the subsequent incomplete distribution when median is 45 Class Interval->(10-20),(20-30),(30-40),(40-50),(50-60),(60-70),(70-80) Total 230 Frequency-> 12,30,?,66,?,25,18
12. obtain out the quartile coefficient of skewness from the subsequent data: Marks->(5-15),(15-25),(25-35),(35-45),(45-55),(55-65) Frequencies->5,15,35,55,25,15
13. From the subsequent data,calculate the coefficient of correlation ranging from age of students and their playing habits: Age Group(yrs)->(15-16),(16-17),(17-18),(18-19),(19-20),(20-21) No.of Students->200,270,340,360,400,300 Regular Players->150,162,170,180,180,120
14. Prepare price indeed number for the 3 years,taking avg. of 3 years price as base: Year->1,2,3 Wheat->100,99,99 Cotton->25,20,15 Oil->30,25,20
15. From the ahead data compute pattern values by the method of lowest squares and estimate the value of expected production in 2006-07 Years->(2000-01),(2001-02),(2002-03),(2003-04),(2004-05) Production(Lakh Tons)->83,92,71,90,169
16. Write a note on current Statistical Organisation in India and point out its shortcomings.
17. Distinguish ranging from Primary and secondary data. discuss the different methods of collecting primary data and point out their merits and demerits.
18. define the functions and importance of Statistics.

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