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Hemwati Nandan Bahuguna Garhwal University 2006 B.Com PRINCIPLES OF MANAGEMENT - Question Paper

Tuesday, 22 January 2013 01:00Web

. What do you understand by Leadership in business? What Should be the qualities of a good business leader?
2. discuss the meaning and importance of coordination in management process. How can this coordination be achieved?
3. What is the significance of decision-making? What procedure should be followed in arriving at accurate decision?
4. What do you mean by control? discuss the nature and importance of control?
5. "Management is the development of people of people and not the direction of thing." Who stated this? (a) Fayol (b) Lawrence A. Appley (c) Irwin (d) Koontz
6. "Management is the art of getting things done through and with people in formally organised groups." Who has provided this definition? (a) Koontz (b) Fayol (c) Marshall (d) Taylor
7. "Direction is the executive function of guiding and observing subordinates." Who has provided the statement? (a) Koontz (b) Marshall (c) Fayol (d) Taylor
8. How many principle of Management were laid down by Hery Fayol? (a) six (b) eight (c) 12 (d) 14
9. True/False: "Management is not the direction of things."
10. True/False: "Looking ahead is Management."
11. True/False: Management is a continuous Process.
12. True/False: "Decision-making is the essence of Management"
13. True/False: "Organisation is not the framework of Management"
14. True/False: "Policies are guide-parts for managerial action."
15. Write a short note on the following: (1) Development of Managerial thought (2) Social Responsibilities of Management (3) Objectives of Planning (4) Importance of Management by objectives (5) Principles of Communication (6) Characterstics of an efficient organisation
16. What do you understand by Management? discuss its importance.
17. State the procedure for the recruitment of personnel in an industrial enterprise.
18. discuss the main principles of Coordination.
19. discuss the Principles of Decision-making?
20. "Management Theory Jungle". Who made this statement? (a) Louis Alien (b) Joseph L.Massic (c) Herold Koontz (d) Lorenge Appley
21. Training is favourable for: (a) Employee (b) Employer (c) Employee and Employer (d) None of these
22. True/False: TO be wealthy is a merit of a leader.
23. True/False: Workers participation in management is a financial incentive.
24. Control is related________to level of management. (a) High (b) Middle (c) Low (d) All
25. State the characterstics of a good plan.
26. Write a short note on positive and negative incentives.
27. Employees resistance to control. Write a short note.
28. State the limitations of co-ordination
29. Need and Importance of departmentation.
30. discuss the objectives of management. What is the importance of management in the current competitive environment of India?
31. explain the essential of effective communication and suggest measures for making communication effective.
32. define line and staff organisation. discuss the difference ranging from every other.
33. What is meant by staffing? define in detail the procedure of staffing to be adopted in a big business concern.

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