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Hemwati Nandan Bahuguna Garhwal University 2009 M.A History pg - Question Paper

Tuesday, 22 January 2013 12:15Web

Q1"Archaeology plats an important role in recunstruction of ancient indian history."Explain.
Q2throw light on palaeolithic culture of south india.
Q3write a short note on the rural chalcolithic cultures of rajasthan, madhyapradeshand maharashtra region.
Q4define the 1st urbanization in india and explain its main characteristics.
Q5sannga system of buddhism and jainism was based on contemporary republication ststes. clarify with examples.
Q6what do you know about later vedic period?give a detail account.
Q7whah was the contribution of nandas in development of magadh empire? define the main factors responsible for their decline.
Q8who was chanakya? Evaluate his role in establishing mauryan dynasty.
Q9 evaluate the contribution of indo-greek and indo- sacythian to Indian culture.
Q10 write short note on any 2 of the subsequent.
(a) Lower Palaeolithic sohan culture
(b) Agnimitra (148-140 b.c)
(c) Mahayan branch (of buddhism)
(d) Aihola inscripition of pulkeshin Iind

(History of India :c-A.D 1200-1526)
Q1 evaluate the monuments of sultanate period as a sourse of history.
Q2 provide an estimate of ziauddin barani as ahistorian.
Q3whome you do consider the real founder of muslim rule in India ? provide logic for your view.
Q4 write an essay on Allauddin khilji’s market control.
Q5throw light on mahhumad-bin –tuglaq’s schemes of the transfer of capital and token currency. Why these schemes failed.
Q6 define the nature and consequences of taimur’s invision.
Q7explain the afgan theory of king ship .to what extent did sikander lodi make departure from it ?
Q8 define the causes for the down fall of delhi suttanate.
Q9 define the provincial administrstion of delhi sultanate.
Q10 write short note on any 2 of the following:
(a) eqta system
(b) causes of success of thurks
(c) maharana kumbha (143-1468 A.D.) of mewar
(d) mangol invasions of 13th century

(History of India :1757-1857)
Q1 through light on contri bution of archival sources, newsprints andperiodicals on the writing of modern history
Q2 do you agree with the view of lord clive was the real founder of british rule in India?
Q3 define the main provinces of chater of 1833 and underline its signifificance.
Q4 online the socity and economy of India during mid 18th century.
Q5 how did the lord hastings consolidate the british empire in India ?
Q6 provide an account of the social and educational reforms of lord William bentinck
Q7 review critically the prominent tribal movement against colonical policies during 19th century.
Q8 explain the contribution of lord dalhousie in the consolidation of the British
Empire in India.
Q9 what were the causes of the mutiny of 1857 ? is this be called the 1st war of independence of India.?
Q10 write a short note
(a) Regulating act
(b) Permanent settlement
(c) Raja ram mohan roy
(d) Queen of jhansi laxmibai

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