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Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University 2002 B.Sc Computer Science 101 : Communication Skills - Question Paper

Tuesday, 22 January 2013 12:10Web

First Year m. sc. (CA & IT) exam
March/April – 2002
101 : Communication Skills
Time : three Hours] [Total Marks : 55

Instruction : All ques. are compulsory.

1 (a) Fill in blanks with the accurate forms of verbs provided in the 3
brackets :(any three)
(1) During the last summer vacation Vipul ___________only detective
(2) We_________our exam by next Friday.(complete)
(3) I__________int this town since 1990.(live)
(4) Generally, people _________in god.(believe).
(b) Fill in the blank with accurate modal auxiliaries : (any three) 3
(1) Till last year, I _________ walk without stick.
(2) We _______be loyal to our country.
(3) I was afraid that if I asked him again he________refused.
(4) Take care lest you________fall.
(c) Fill in the blanks with accurate prepositions : (any three) 3
(1)all the leaders quarrelled___________ themselves.
(2) __________ spices, Indian also exports tea.
(3) the sun was _____ to rise.
(4) she met _______ an accident yesterday.
2 Change the voice : (any three) 3
(1) who knows the highest authority ?
(2) workers where singing film songs.
(3) Let the voice be changed.
(4) Will she accompany me to the college ?

(b) change into indirect speech : (any three) 3
(1) akash saidtoaman,”I have finished my worked here”.
(2) The inspector stated to the stranger,”are you coming from Poona ?
(3) She stated to me, “What a lovely sight !”
(4) He stated to them, “Don’t provide anything to these beggers”.

(c) ( i ) Translate into Gujarati or Hindi : (any four) 4
(1) Now we feel reluctant to approach the dealer.
(2) Being an art, Management is also a skill, which is cultivable.
(3) All appliances made by our company, undergo strict exam by
our quality control experts.
(4) Kindly grace our occasion by keeping yourself current
(5) ‘Brevity’ is the soul of every art.

3 select the accurate choice from the brackets or do as directed : 11
(1) This is not book, which I expect.(insert accurate article wherever necessary)
(2) I myself is responsible for this deed.(correct the sentence)
(3) She ran faster than _________ .(I me, mine)
(4) ________ is a nice universe.(we, us ,ours)
(5) It was the most suited time, when they returned.(make negative)
(6) The labourer dug up the pit. (make negative)
(7) ________ is a virtue. (kind, kindness, kindly)
(8) She felt only a _________ relief. (momentary, momentous, momentom)
(9) We should not live in the __________ hope that we shall get good job easily. (wane/vain/vein)
(10) Is your brother _________ here ? (provide ‘conjunction’)
(11) ________ rich he is, he is miser. (provide ‘conjunction’)

4 (a) write a positive response to ‘Bright Multi-stores, Ahmedabad’, regarding their 7
inquiry of your recent different musical instrument.
(b) the Akar Pvt. Ltd. Want to change their whole manufacturing unit as a centrally
air conditioned. On their behalf demand a competitive quotation from ‘Aircon Air
conditioner Ltd. Ahmedabad’.

5 (a) Inform your valued customer about an attractive ‘voluntary offer’ placed by 1 7
of the multinational companies.
(b) On behalf of Municipal Library of your town draft a big order to Oxford Book
Store, New Delhi, for different books of various subjects.

6 (a) A retailer intends to wind up his business, after placing an order for ‘Rainy 7
Materials ‘, on his behalf draft a suitable order-cancellation letter.
(b)As a deport-agent, you have received a complaint from L.P.G user that the refilled gas cylinder you’ve provided, is shortage in weight. Draw a legitimate adjustment letter.


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