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Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University 2004 B.Sc Computer Science 101 : Communication Skills - Question Paper

Tuesday, 22 January 2013 11:50Web

F. Y. M. Sc. (CA & IT) exam
March / April - 2004
Communications Skills : Paper – 101
Time : three Hours] [Total Marks : 50

1 (a) Fill in the blanks with accurate forms of verbs provided 3
in the brackets : (any three)
(1) Whatever _________ in Gujarat a few years ago
is still causing issues. (happen)
(2) By the end of 2008, you ________ your M.Sc.IT .
(3) Out politicians _________ our country since inde-
pendence. (harm)
(4) Usually, smart students _________ for every thing
regarding their studies or other things. (plan)

(b) Fill in the blanks with accurate modal auxiliaries : (any three) 3
(1) You study so that you ________ make your career.
(2) You _______ not to have insulted your elders.
(3) Come what may, I __________ kill him.
(4) Till a few years ago, he ________ run very fast.

(c) Fill in blanks with accurate prepositions : (any three) 3
(1) I will reach there ________ 7:00 p.m.
(2) He filled the cup ________ milk.
(3) I saw him _______ the theater while I was passing
from there.
(4) I don’t like my junior as a boss _________ me.

2 (a) Change the voice : (any three) 3
(1) Who broke the glass yesterday?
(2) People say that hardwork is the key to success.
(3) Do it at once.
(4) My pocket has been picked by a few thief.

(b) Change into indirect speech : (any three) 3
(1) The N.C.C officer said, “Would you like to attend
the summer camp ?”
(2) She said, “Alas! The poor woman died that very night.”
(3) He stated to me, “Thank you.”
(4) The students stated to me, “We do not know when the school
is going to close.”

(c) Translate into Gujarati or Hindi : (any four) 4
(1) Everything depends only our hard work and patience.

(2) An ordinary learner has only 24 hours in a day where
as a wise learner can make it 48 hours.
(3) Trust only yourself.
(4) Kauravas lost because they were against dharma.
(5) B.J.P has started it’s election compaign.

(d) Translate the subsequent sentence into English : (any four) 4

3 Do as directed : (any nine) 9
(1) I Have not seen the film yesterday.
(Correct the sentence)
(2) I myself is responsible for it. (Correct)
(3) Everybody who participates are eligible. (Correct)
(4) Leprosy is a _________ disease. (Contagious / Contiguous)
(5) You are not ________ for the post. (illegible / eligible)
(6) I obtained book which I was searching. (Correct)
(7) Ram _______ Shyam is ill. (Conjunction)
(8) I could not help him ______ I wanted so. (Conjunction)
(9) _______ you are my friend. I will help you. (Conjunction)
(10) They do their work and I do ________. (Pronoun)
(11) She is fond of Roses. (Make interrogative)
(12) An actress is an ________. (artiste / artist)
(13) She wrote 2 letters yesterday. (Make negative)

4 (a) Inform your valued customer about an attractive ‘Voluntary 6
Offer’ placed by 1 of the multinational companies.
(b) As a depot agent, you have received a complaint form L.P.G.
user that the retitled gas cylinder you have given does not
have said weight. Draft a legitimate adjustment letter.

5 (a) On behalf of Paras Plastic Store, Patan, draft a suitable inquiry 6
letter For competitive price rates and generous business terms
for different plastic goods from Popular Plastic Products, Palanpur,
the wholesale dealer of North Gujarat region.
(b) In response to an inquiry from a reputed firm regarding ‘Glass
furniture’ , Submit a competitive quotation with terms-conditions
and special discount.

6 (a) As a Sales Executive of Able Electronics Co. , Apna Bazaar, 6
Ahmedabad, Draft a suitable reply to a customer co-operative
society, Opp. Railway station, Patan, who has inquired about
the terms and conditions on which you give electronic goods.

(b) You have placed an order for varieties of cosmetics with the
New Era Cosmetics, Chandni chawk, New Delhi. Write a letter
to the supplier to cancel the order are available at cheaper rates
in your state.

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