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Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University 2003 B.Sc Computer Science 101 : Communication Skills - Question Paper

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D - 3501 Seat No.
First Year M. Sc. (CA & IT) exam
October / November - 2003 Communication Skills
Time : three Hours] [Total Marks : 55
Instruction : All ques. are compulsory.
1 (a) Fill in the blanks with accurate forms of 3
verbs provided within the brackets : (any three)
(i) They ______ the message last night, (to receive)
(ii) He ______ twenty next Monday, (to be)
(iii) He ______ the samples before we reached there, (to analyze)
(iv) ______ talking, (to stop)
(b) Fill in the blanks with accurate modal 3
auxiliaries : (any three)
(i) 1 ______ help one's neighbours.
(ii) He ______ have finished his work by now.
(iii) He ______ not to tell a lie. (iv) He ______ speak 5 languages.
(c) Fill in the blanks with accurate propositions : (any three) 2
(i) All chocolated were distributed ______ the 2 brothers.
(ii) He is fond ______ eating chocolates, (iii) She plunged ______ the river, (iv) He prefers to write ______ ink.
2 (a) change the voice : (any three) 3
(i) Tomatoes are grown in Gujarat.
(ii) His mother was helping her sister then.
(iii) Let us open the lock.
(iv) She was driving the car herself.
(b) change the subsequent phrases into indirect 3
narration : (any three)
(i) Mahesh said, "Haresh, will you show me your bike ?"
(ii) The students said, "Let us go to the
garden today."
(iii) The lieutenant said, "Fire".
(iv) The prophet said, "Honesty is the best policy."
(c) Translate into Gujarati or Hindi : 3
I suppose every family has a black sheep. Tom had been a sore trial to George for twenty years. He has begun his life decently enough; he went into business, married and had 2 children. The Ramsays were perfectly respectable people and there was every cause to suppose that Tom Ramsey would have a useful and respectable career. But 1 day, without warning, he announced that he did not want to work and that he was not suited for wedding. He wanted to enjoy himself. He would listen to no friendly remonstrance.
(d) Translate the subsequent snippet into English. 3

Pt&WSl i^dl *iLH
(a) Fill in the blanks with improper conjunctions : (any three)
(i) Make hay _______ the Sun shines,
(ii) I came late _______ I missed the bus.
(iii) Read well _______ you should fail,
(iv) _______ did the bell ring _______
the teacher entered the class.
(b) accurate the subsequent phrases : (any three)
(i) Were any of the boys shouting then ? (ii) He was pleased by your behaviour.
(iii) Mahesh, alongwith his friends, have cleaned the garden.
(iv) He rushed in my room.
(c) Do as directed : (any three) 3
(i) If it rains, the farmers will be happy. (Turn into negative)
(ii) She likes to learn novels. (Turn into interrogative)
(iii) It is too hot to go out now. (Remove "too")
(iv) He did not play well. (Turn into affirmative)
(d) Insert accurate articles where necessary : (any four) 4
(i) Earth moves round the Sun.
(ii) The more you learn, more you earn,
(iii) He reads for 7 hours day.
(iv) He is man who saved the child.
(v) He has orange shop in the market.
4 (a) As the sales manager of Onida T.V., 7
Mumbai, you are not in a condition to give the T.V. sets at the old rates due to change in the taxation policy of the government. "Draft a circular letter to all dealers across the country.
(a) You have received a parcel of 700 packets of ball-pens from Camle Pens, Ahmedabad. On opening the parcel, you obtain that 160 packets are in a severely damaged condition. Draft a suitable complaint letter as the
proprietor of Vidya Book Stall, Main Road, Visnagar.
5 (a) You subscribed to the "Woderful World" magazine 3 7
months ago You have not received any problem yet. Draft a letter
of complaint to the editor.
(b) Draft an order letter for cricket bats to Royal Sports Goods, Ashram Road, Ahmedabad, requesting to send the goods at the earliest, as you are running an acute shortage of the product in your shop.
6 (a) Being a sales executive, draft a voluntary offer letter to a retailer informing seven him about the new door-safety locks of Harrison Lock Company, informing him about the recently launched attractive sales-promotion scheme.
(b) You have ordered 5 hundred umbrellas. Draft a letter to the Manager, Chhatra Umbrellas, Nagpur, requesting him to cancel the order as you have decided to wind up your business suddenly.

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