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Punjab Technical University 2007 B.B.A OPERATIONS RESEARCH - Question Paper

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Total No. of ques. : 13] [Total No. of Pages : 03
Paper ID [B0120]
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BBA (403) (Old / S05) (Sem. - 4th)

Time : 03 Hours Maximum Marks : 75
Instruction to Candidates:
1) part - A is Compulsory.
2) Attempt any 9 ques. from part - B.

part - A
(15 x two = 30)
a) describe a general linear programming issue.
b) elaborate the limitations of linear programming problem?
c) Write steps used in simplex method.
d) describe the dual of linear programming issue.
e) define simplex method of solving LPP.
f) Formulate transportation issue as LPP.
g) Show that the transportation and assignment issue can be regarded
as particular case of L.P.P.
h) provide matrix form of transportation issue with two origins and 3
i) Differentiate decision under certainity and decision under risk.
j) elaborate the kinds of decisions?
k) Enumerate any 2 methods used for decision making with uncertainity.
l) What is a game theory?
m) elaborate the disadvantages of increased inventory?
J-8626[S-9700630] P.T.O.
n) Why inventory is maintained?
o) describe “expected value of perfect info.

part - B
(9 x five = 45)
Q2) A nutrition scheme for babies is proposed by a committee of doctors. Babies
can be provided 2 kinds of food (I and II) which are available in standard sized
packets weighing 50 grams. The cost per packet of these foods are Rs. two and
Rs. 3, resp. The vitamin availability in every kind of food per packet and the
minimum vitamin requirement for every kind of vitamin are shown beneath.
Vitamin Minimum daily
availability per needed
Vitamin packet vitamin
Food kind I Food kind II
1 one 1 6
2 seven one 14
Cost/packet Rs. two 3
Develop a linear programming model to determine the optimal combination
of food kinds with the minimum cost such that the minimum requirement of
vitamin in every kind is satisfied.
Q3) Solve graphically the issue
Maximize Z = 3X1 + X2
2X1 + X2 = 40
X1 + X2 = 24
2X1 + 3X2 = 60
X1, X2 > 0
Q4) define in detail SIMPLEX procedure.
Q5) Form dual of subsequent primal issue
Maximize Z = 20X1 + 40X2
Subject to
2X1 + 20 X2 = 40
20 X1 + three X2 = 20
4 X1 + 15 X2 = 30
X1, X2 > 0
J-8626[S-9700630] 2
Q6) Consider the subsequent transportation issue involving 3 sources and
four destinations. The cell entries represent the cost of transportation per unit
1 two three four supply
1 three one seven four 300
source two 2 six five nine 400
3 eight three 3 two 500
Demand 250 350 400 200 1200
find the initial basic feasible solution using Vogels approximation method.
Q7) provide the mathematical formulation of transportation issue. How does it
differ from an assignment issue.
Q8) What is a decision tree? Illustrate with an example.
Q9) With an suitable example discuss pay off table and opportunity loss table.
Q10)Describe any 2 methods used for decision making with uncertainity. discuss
every method with example.
Q11)Describe a business situation where a decision maker faces a decision under
Q12)Explain the subsequent terminologies of game theory: value of the game, two
person zero sum game, maximin principle, minimax principle.
Q13)What is EOQ? Alpha industry needs 15,000 units per year of a bought out
component which will be used in its main product. The ordering cost is
Rs. 125/- per order and the carrying cost per unit per year is 20% of the
purchase price per unit. The purchase price per unit is Rs. 75. obtain EOQ.
? ? ? ?
J-8626[S-9700630] 3

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