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Guru Jambheshwar University 2006 Master of mass communication Electronic Media - Question Paper

Monday, 21 January 2013 09:40Web

Subject Code4230



Time : 3 Hours    Maximum Marks : 100

Note : Attempt any Five questions. All questions carry equai marks. Draw diagrams and give examples where necessary.

3T37 hh i? I

T1$ WFI    I

1. Describe the growth and development of

Radio Broadcasting in India, specially focusing on the re-emergence of radio in the recent years.    20

*TR<T 3 TORT cfft    F>T    I

2.    List the equipment that is generally required to prepare a radio programme based upon the field bytes and studio recordings. Discuss the functions of each instrument.    10,10

*158 'Qcf    JUTKM

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3.    (a) What is Editing ?    5

cRT f ?

(b)    How is editing    for sound broadcasting different from    print and television editing ?    10

Mf-1 MUKul    fT H*K fyui

3 ftR t ?

(c)    How has computer altered the process of sound editing ?    5


TOR qRqftfd fTT t ?

4.    Describe the growth and development of Television in India, specially focusing on the emergence of 24 hours news channels.

J-4230    2

vrrr?T -R MkiR    *qci    1

FTrT: 24 W UHWK Relf    

<wfd    I

5.    Describe the pre-production procc scs of the production of television programme crcated for repeated telecasting.    20

OTRI fOT, frfttcT    *|4*H

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6.    What are various types of editing used for television programme production ? Describe the functions of various machines used for this purpose.    20 zcflfsMH itm

sh fafcF* to    t ?

=f> FpRT "fofaFT TTfhft mf

7.    Write the script of a television news (30 seconds) based upon the following information : Patients continued to face a harrowing time at the prestigious Post Graduate Institute for

Mcdical Education and Research (PGI) and the Government Medical College and Hospital (Chandigarh) as the anti-reservation strike by doctors and medical students intensified further.

Even though senior specialists continued to man emergency services, the Outdoor Patients Department + (OPDs) were virtually non-func-tional. Meanwhile, a spokesperson of the PGIMER Association of the Resident Doctors said the resident doctors would start running parallel OPDs shortly to mitigate sufferings of the patients.

Interestingly, the medicos on Thursday contacted school children and appraised them of the "consequences of reservation". They also distributed pamphlets to make the common man aware about "reservation".

Doctors also blocked traffic for some time in front of the Government Medical College and Hospital in Sector 32.

foRfafera RT m 3TTmftcT 30    

HMK    MTJ :

$-*3<Sz A)+<h iivH ttus ft*r3 (PGI) cmT torI *telwri +T(rM T' 3K*MM (ul'ltf) sfastf TT'

fnfehrr strsm fft siei

R"T TRNf eFT hRl TFR TRt T?T I Rlfq    VlPdW IMM4>ldlH    #iff

t, tr 3HF3zk    fem<M*i

(OPDs) gcT: <w4id f I \j\u<L &]+>.*$ PGIMER QJftftrH Tf?

"T %    -3T 3Tt it

M<l'3il         fei? rfeci

OPDs    I

fkRfH t 1%    

< Tf fiTc% cTn 3TRSJTJT c mRu|hT 3R * 37RfT 1*<ii I 'elA H-T3TVUW SIRSW yfo BcT    *ft

fRTfcl f I

itezi 32 3 'STf

SlWfeirl fcTT* ffW 'ft <tal I

8. Write short notes on any four of the following :

(a)    Reach of Radio in India

(b)    AM and FM

(c)    Newsroom of AIR

(d)    DTH

(e)    Doordarshan

(f)    Interactive Radio and TV programmes.


(3?)    -wrRcI 3        

W    AM <T*7T FM

(*0    (AIR)

()    DTH (I)

(qr)        I

J-4230    6    1,100


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