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Guru Jambheshwar University 2010 M.C.A Computer network - Question Paper

Monday, 21 January 2013 06:55Web

Subject Code4160

Subject Code4160


(MCA 3 Years)


(Fourth Semester)



Time : 3 Hours Maximum Marks: 70

Note : Attempt any Five Questions. All Questions carry equal marks.


1.            Explain physical layer of OSI reference model along with Nyquist theorem. Also explain different transmission medias used for data communication along their characteristics.

2.            Give reasons for using layered approach in defining protocols for networking. Also explain TCP/IP reference model along with its comparison to ATM reference model.

3.            Differentiate between the following:

(a)             Half and Full Duplex

(b)            TDMA and FDMA

(c)             HDLC and SDLC


4.            What is purpose of transport layer? Explain how connection management and flow control is done in TCP.

5.            What is difference between ISDN and B-ISDN ? Also explain layered protocol architecture and frame format of ISDN.

6.            Explain different types of framing and error detection techniques at data link layer level of ODI reference model.

7.            Compare multiple access techniques of Ethernet, token bus and token ring IEEE LAN standards.

8.            Write short notes on the following:

(a)             X.25

(b)            ATM



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