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Guru Jambheshwar University 2008 B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering Advance Computer Network - Question Paper

Monday, 21 January 2013 06:45Web

End-Term Examination

|pip*f CodrCTTTW______ _    Subject: Adnnctd Computer Ntttvorks j

Timi JHowrS    -To .3oi 3< ?-    ____ _ mmrimum Marts: 75

[    _ Wot: Attempt one qmsUon from oacfi of rfte four unils.O.No. I ft compulsory.    _ j

Q 1 (a) How TFTP is different from FTP protocoP    (2-5)

(Ii) What do you mean by private networks?    (2)

(i-) Mosl IF1 datagram reassembly algonlhms hnvo n lime to avoul Iijviikj a loti Itogmenls tie up reassembly buffer forever Ruppoaii a ilntiiiiram is fiayiuenled into 4 ln(|im>iils The first 3 fragments arrive, but the Iasi one is duluyed Evontunlly the timei goes olt and 3 fragments in the receiver's memory are discarded A lnttu latei. tho lost fragment stumbles in. What should be done with it?    (2)

(d) Differentiate between IP address. MAC address. Port address and Socket address m TCP/IP reference model.    (2)

(a) How does a single-bit error differ from burst error?    (2)

(f)    Compare and contrast flow control and error control    (2)

(g)    What is the relationship between TP.. VP. and VC in ATM technology?    (2)

(h)    How subnetting is differenl from supernetting?    (2)

(i)    An IPv4 packet has arrived with the first 6 bits as 01000010 The receiver discards the packet, why?    (2.5)

.(j) Do port address need to be unique? Why or why not?    (2)

(k) The following is a dump of a TCP header in hexadecimal formal -    (2)

05320017 00000001 00000000 500207FF 00000000 Whal is the source port number and sequence number?

(I) Using substitution with key * 3, encrypt and decrypt the following message -COMPUTER NETWORKS    (2)


What is the significance of layers in OSI reference model How TCP/IP is different from ~~    ' -    (4.5)

in ATM referi'itce model    [81


Briefly explain the types of wob documents implemented m Internet    (4.5|

Write short notes on nv two -    (4x2*8)

(i) Frame Relay    (n) ISDN Technology

(iii) PPP Protocol    (iv) Internet Administration    *>


iietly describe IP addressing technique.    (4.5)

Why are routing prolocols based on distance vector routing and link slate routing algorithms not suitable for inter-domain routing on the Internet? What are the problems

What is NAT? How can NAT help in address depletion    (4.5)

Write Short notes on any two from foHowing.    (4x2=8)

(0 Router configuration and operation (n) Difference between ARP and RARP (Mi) Difference between IPv4 and IPv6 UNIT-in

' Why does UDP exist? Explain its hewtor lixmtil and use.    (6)

Write TCP header format Explain 1 CP connection establishment and TCP connection termination process    (6.5)


Write TCP header tormat How Mow conlrui ;ind erroi contiol eio moiiiiyud m TCf protocoP    (6.5)

Wlial do you mean by congestion in networks'' Omens congestion control m TCP (6) UNIT-IV

What is file transfer protocol and how it worki? What kinds of tile types n enn transfer'/ (4) How Tefnel works? Discuss its mode of ojieratmn    (4.5)

What is I he purpose of a firewall" Discuss it wort mg mechanism and types    (4)


List advantages and disadvantages of symmetric-key algorithms & asymmetric-key algorithms in cryptography    (2.S)

Write short notes on any two from following    (5x2-10)

(l) BOOTP and OHCP    In) SNMP

(iii) Virtual Private Networks .    (rv) RSA Aktonllim


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