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Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India (ICFAI) University 2007 C.A Accounts -PCC--07- – 6 : INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT - exam paper

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Time : three hours Maximum Marks : 100



ans all the ques.

1. (a ) describe any of the 5 terms briefly:
(i) Central Processing Unit (ii) BIOS
(iii) Intelligent Terminal (iv) Seek Time
(v) Subroutine (vi) File Pointers (1x five = five marks)
(b) provide reasons for the use of the following:
(i) Use of Diagnostic programs
(ii) Use of interactive processing
(iii) Preference of Network model over hierarchical model
(iv) Bootstrap loader program
(v) Need for Master file
(vi) Use of Parallel Ports (1x five = five Marks)

2. (a) explain briefly System memory and mention a few of the commonly used memory
types. (3 Marks)
(b) Briefly explain different Database structures. (7 Marks)
explain different tools that are available to protect info and systems against
compromise, intrusion or misuse. (7 Marks)

3. (a) What do you understand by the term “Data centre”? (3 Marks)
(b) Data Centres can be classified into kinds and tiers according to varied computing
needs they serve. explain them briefly. (7 Marks)

4. Draw a flow chart to calculate and print income-tax and surcharge on the income of a
person, where income is to be learn from terminal and tax is to be computed as per the
subsequent rates :
Upto Rs. 40,000 No tax
Upto Rs. 60,000 @ 10% of amount above Rs. 40,000
Upto Rs. 1,50,000 Rs. 2,000 + 20% of amount above Rs. 60,000
Above Rs. 1,50,000 Rs. 20,000 + 30% of amount above Rs. 1,50,000
Charge surcharge @ 2% on the amount of total tax, if the income of a person exceeds
Rs. 2,00,000. (10 Marks)


Attempt all ques..

1. State with reasons which of the subsequent statements are correct/incorrect (Attempt any
three statements):
(a) Customers and consumers represent identical group of people.
(b) Manufacturers can sell their products directly to the customers.
(c) Strategies are rigidly described.
(d) Benchmarking relates to embossing organisational motif on the furniture.
(2 × three = six Marks)

2. Briefly ans the subsequent ques. (any two) in 2-3 phrases every.
(a) What do you mean by strategic vision?
(b) discuss concentric diversification.
(c) What is marketing mix? (4 Marks)
3. What is SWOT? explain its significance in strategic analyses. (10 Marks)

4. What do you understand by implementation of strategy? elaborate its interrelationships
with formulation? (10 Marks)

5. Case Study

AO Swift (Pvt) Ltd. was promoted nineteen years back as company manufacturing
automobile parts with an investment of Rupees five crores by Abhishek Oberai. He took
over as its chief executive and is occupying the identical position till date. Abhishek an
automobile engineer himself possessed rich experience of working abroad and in
Hindustan Motors Ltd in India. He is dynamic and ready to take risk. He always
emphasized on maintaining high quality standards.
Initially, the products were supplied to automobile service centers all across the country.
The market was small and the company suffered a few losses. 8 years after its
inception the company entered into an agreement with Maruti Udyog Ltd to manufacture
and supply specific components for their small car.
This agreement was a turning point for the company. Later the company was able to
enter agreements with other companies entering India. The company is able to manage a
growth rate of over 25% in last 5 years. Its turnover in the last financial year exceeded
800 crores. The overall market is also witnessing a very high growth rate.
Abhishek also possessed strong behavioural skills and allowed a few autonomy and
discretion to the senior managers of the company. A year back in an internal meeting
Abhishek felt that the company can grow still faster if it enters other markets outside
India. different choices were analysed and efforts were made to explain and negotiate with
major manufacturers of the world. Getting a few response from 2 manufacturers in
European Union the company opened an office in London.
Abhishek closely monitored the day-to-day working of this office. Having strategic
implications all major decisions were taken by himself. He will also visit London every
month to have 1st hand info about its working. However, as the company is
growing it is becoming increasing difficult for him to manage this office. He also wants to
expand further. He called a meeting with head of different department. In the meeting
subsequent options were considered for foreign market:
?? continue on to manufacture products in India and export them to other countries.
?? Initiate manufacturing activities in other countries.
?? Takeover existing manufacturers of the products.
ans the subsequent questions:

(a) Write a note on reasons for AO Swift Ltd to open office in London? (6 Marks)

(b) What should be the strategy of the company in a high growth market? Why?
(7 Marks)

(c) Make an analysis of different options that are being considered for expanding in
foreign markets? (7 Marks)

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