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Gulbarga University 2009-1st Sem B.A ECONOMIC – I : Micro Economics - I - Question Paper

Monday, 21 January 2013 03:35Web

A I S (026) I – 2K9

B.A. I Semester Degree exam
Paper – I : Micro Economics - I

Time: three Hours Max. Marks : 80

Instructions: 1) ans all the ques. from part A.
2) part B and C have internal option.
part – A
ans the subsequent ques. in not more than 3-4 phrases. [10x2=20]
1. Write Prof. Samuelson's definition of economics.
2. Distinguish ranging from material goods and non-material goods
3. What is utility and marginal utility?
4. What is consumer's surplus?
5. What is substitution effects?
6. What do you mean by Giffin's paradox?
7. What is income elasticity of demand?
8. What is supply?
9. What is unitary elasticity of supply?
10. What are external economics?

Write the medium size ans to any three [3x10=30]
11. Explain the scarcity definition of Leonnel Robbins.
12. Discuss the importance of macro economics.
13. What is elasticity of demand and discuss its types?
14. What do you mean by indifference curves and discuss its properties.
15. Explain the legal regulations of variable proportions.

Write essay kind answers to any 2 questions: [2x15=30]
16. Discuss the nature and scope of economics.
17. Critically examine the legal regulations of diminishing utility with the help of diagramme.
18. Explain price effect and substitution effect with the help of indifference curves.
19. What is elasticity of supply? discuss factors determining elasticity of supply.


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