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Gulbarga University 2009-1st Sem B.A SIC ENGLISH - Question Paper

Monday, 21 January 2013 03:30Web

A I S (003) I – 2K9

B.A. I Semester Degree exam
Texts : i) Macmillan College Prose
ii) Modern Poetry

Time: three Hours Max. Marks : 80

I. Annotate any 2 of the subsequent. [2x4=8]
1. You fail us right into the fields and factories and then you forget us.
2. No 2 British subjects speak exactly alike.
3. This body also may be surrender'd at the will of God.
4. To be healthy is not to be civilized.

II. Answer any 1 of the following: [1x16=16]
5. Write an essay on the qualities of Kamala Nehru.
6. What does the ex-student convey his teacher trough the letter?
7. Annotate any 2 of the following:

III. Annotate any 2 of the subsequent. [2x4=8]
8. The woods are lovely dark and deep
But I have promises to keep.
9. Transformed utterly
A terrible beauty is born.
10. Where are those starry woods?
O might I wander there….
11. Minute by minute, they live
The stone's in the midst of all.
IV. Answer any 1 of the following: [1x16=16]
12. What is the message of A.E. Housman in his poem 'To an Athlete Dying Young'?
13. How does the poem 'The Wind Hover' symbolize the spiritual majesty and glory of Jesus Christ?
V. A) change the subsequent into interrogative without changing the meaning: [4x2=8]
14. It does not much matter though we happen to be late.
15. India expects everyone to do his duty.
16. We are not sent into the world simply to make money.
17. Nobody can deny that ' work is workship'

B) Change the voice of the following: [4x2=8]
18. Everyone loves him.
19. They asked me my name.
20. We saw you and him.
21. They obtained him guilty of murder.

C) Change the degree of the following: [4x2=8]
22. He is not so great as I.
23. Iron is the most useful of all metals.
24. Lead is heavier than all other metals.
25. Very few Indian cities are so big as Chennai.

D) Change the subsequent into negative phrases without changing meaning? [4x2=8]
26. I was doubtful whether it was you.
27. As soon as he saw us he ran away.
28. Only a fool can say such a thing.
29. He is greater than I.


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