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Bharathiar University 2007 B.C.A Computer Application DATA STRUCTURES - - Question Paper

Sunday, 24 March 2013 12:15Web

II SEM B.C.A exam ,JUNE 2007


ans any 8 ques..each ques. carries 3 marks (8*3=24)

1.Explain linear data structures with an example.
2.Define time and space complexity of an algoritnm
3.Write the differnce ranging from static memoryallocation and dynamic memoryallocation
4.What is memory leakage?explain how memory leakage can be avoided
5.Explain the concept of priority queues
6.Write the difference ranging from a stack and a queue
7.Convert the subsequent infix expression to postfix expression
8.Define linked list ?write the various peration performed on linked list
9.Construct a binary search tree for the subsequent data
10.What is circular linked list ?write 1 advantage and disadvantage of circular linked list.

ans any 4 ques. .each ques. carries FOURTEEN marks (4*14=56)

11. a) Write a c program to obtain gcd of 2 number using recursion 6
b)Write an algorith and c program tp search an element using linear search eight

12 a)Write an algorithm for inserting and deleting an element from a queue 6
b)Write an algorithm to obtain the value of a postfix expression and illustrate with
an example 8

13 a)Write an Algorithm to
i)Insert a node at the end of the linked list
ii)Delet a node with a provided item of info nine
b)Write a C program to count number of nodes in a linked list 5

14 a)Explain OVERFLOW and UNDERFLOW condition on stacks 4
b)Explain towers of hanoi issue with 3 discs. 4
c)Write a c program to perform operation on stack 6

15 a)Write an algorithm for quick sort and discuss the identical with an example 8
b)Arrange the subsequent in ascending order using insertion sort
36,72,43,21,49,90,65,50 6

16 a)Explain various memory representations of a tree five
b)Construct a binary tree for the subsequent inorder and postorder traversal five
Inorder: B G H D A E C I J K F J
Postorder :H G D B E K I J F C A
c)Represent the subsequent Arithmetic expression using Binary tree 4

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