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Bharathiar University 2008 B.B.M GLOBAL BUSINESS MANAGEMENT - Question Paper

Saturday, 23 March 2013 10:00Web

part - A (10*1=10)

ans All ques.

1. International trade means___________.
2. Products are classified into________.
3. Objectives of India’s export and import policies are___________.
4. India’s share in World expert is measured by__________.
5. A proforma of Invoice Contains_______.
6. Tariff Negotiations means_________.
7. Functions of Foreign exchange mean_____.
8. International Payment methods are classified into________.
9. Indian Exports are classified into________.
10. Trade agreements consist of _______.

part - B (5*5=25 marks)

11. A. Write a note on the environment of international marketing.
B. Writ a note on principles of World Trade.

12. A. discuss the role of Trade Development Authority.
B. discuss the assistance of Export financing institution.

13. A. Writ a note on Export Incentives,
B. List out documents for Export Trade.

14. A. discuss credit schemes/conditions.
B. discuss the procedure for Preshipment credit.

15. A. elaborate the primary purposes of IMF?
B. discuss large source of imports and diversification of imports.

part - C (5*8=40 marks)

16. A. Briefly discuss India’s trade.
B. define the role of government in foreign trade,

17. A. Briefly discuss the export promotion.
B. discuss the salient features of Export Import policy of India.
18. A. List and discuss the procedure for executing an exporter trade.
B. define the role of a Forwarding agent.

19. A. discuss the payment terms in Export Finance.
B. discuss the role of ECGC.

20. A. discuss about WTO.
B. discuss the functions of World Bank.

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