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Bharathiar University 2008 B.B.M Insurance Principles and Practice - Question Paper

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ans all ques.

1.When the occurrence of an event cannot be guessed, it is called as________.
2.If there is a chance of gain as well as chance of loss, it is known as______risk.
3.Transferring the rights of the assured in respect of the life insurance policy holder to a different is referred to as_______.
4.Identify the kind of Life Insurance Policy from the following:
a.Voyage policy
b.Fleet policy
c.Endowment policy
d.Blanket policy
5.The insurer problems ______, in fire insurance, when the risk was accepted subject to payment of premium.
6.Claims tribunal is constituted by State Government for expeditions disposal of __________ insurance claims.
7.Identify the subsidiary of GIC from the following:
a.LIC of India
b.National Insurance Company
8.The Credit guarantee Corporation of India was promoted by_______.
9.“Hull insurance” is related to ______insurance.
10.An example for________warranty is “legality of venture”.

part B
ans all ques.
11.a. define the sources of risk.
b. Write a short note on Reinsurance.

12.a. List out the functions of LIC.
b. discuss the procedure for assignment of life Insurance policy.

13.a. discuss the avg. clause in a fire insurance contract.
b. define the procedure for issuing a motor vehicle policy.

14.a. explain the role of Deposit insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation.
b. Analyze the functions of GIC of India

15.a. What do you mean by insured perils?
b. discuss the effect of under insurance and contribution.


ans all ques.

16.a. Examine the role of IRDA
b. discuss the different kinds of risks in detail.

17.a. explain the features of a valid life insurance contract.
b. discuss the classification of life insurance policies.

18.a. define the procedure for settlement of motor insurance claims and explain the kinds of motor insurance policies.
b. Examine the features of different types of fire insurance policies.

19.a. explain the need for nationalization of general insurance and creation of GIC of India during 1972. Analyze the latest patterns in General Insurance business.
b. explain the different kinds of Public liability insurance.

20.a. Analyze the main clause of a marine insurance policy.
b. define the different kinds of Marine insurance policies.

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