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Bharathiar University 2005 B.B.A English - Question Paper

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3973    (E 105/E 1 051

(For the candidates admitted from 2005 onwards) tl.G. DEGREE EXAMINATION, NOVEMBER UUOo. First Semester Part II English - Paper i Time : Three hours    Maximum i 7n marks

Answer ALL questions.

Answer Section Ain one place.

SECTION A (10 x 1 = 10 marks)

Choose the correct answer from thoe givt.n in brackets.

1.    -- tell us that the entire soil of the Nile

Valley is the creation of the river itself.



2.    Dcquineey tells us how the dalesman of lake land a century ago used ----.

(to write letters/to enjojy n dure/to dodge the j i*I charges/to convey messages)

3,    Mrs. Packletide was annoyed at the discovery made by Miss Mebbin to the effect that --.

(she had hit the tiger/the tiger had died of heart-failure/Mrs. Bimberton was spreading falsehoods/ the poor goat was killed)

4,    The dog behaves with courage because

(he wants to please his master/he watches the house/he does not like to be ridiculed/lie wants to be different from the eat).

5, Maggie quickly gave Narwa a dose of sal volatile because ---

(she was convinced that she could not deal with the case herseWno doctor was available in the neighbourhood/Narwa was about to faint/he was soaked in blood)

8. On his Blindness is packed with ~.

(biblical allusions/interesting stories/westem myth/ several anecdotes)

7.    The school master had a ,

(cottage/horse/few stale jokes/friend)

8,    The Solitary Reaper was singing a

(joyful song/melancholy strain/ballad/popular


9.     saw two huge legs of a statue carved

out of stone.

(The poet/The Mhg/The traveller/A wanderer)

10.    The beautiful lady without pity might be a reference to - the lady whom Keats loved.

(Fanny Brawne/Elizabeth/George Ehot/Aniie) SECTION B (5 x 5 = 25 marks)

Answer each of the following in about 100 words.

11.    (a) How can soil erosion be prevented?


(b) Describe the conversation between. Sam and Bill in the Railway station.

12.    (a) How did Mrs. Packletide decide to counter Loona Bimberton's achievement?


(b) How is the cat different from the dog?

13.    (a) Why was the knight at arms loitering lonely in the forest?


(b) Who was Ozymandias?

3    3973

14.    (a) What brought Lomov to Ghoobukov's house?


(b) What is the theme of the plajr Waterloo?

15.    (a) What do you know of Milton from Ms sonnet On his Blindness?


(b) How did Haris save Narwa?

SECTION C (40 marks)


Answer each of the following in about 300 words.

(3x8 = 24)

18. (a) How does A.G. Gardiner argue for the preservation of the art of letter writing?


(b) Why does C.V. Raman conclude that water is the elixir of life?

17. (a) Sketch the character of the village school master.


(b) How docs Ulysses persuade Ms mariners to join him in his last adventure?

18,    (a) Describe the tragedy in the play Riders to the sea*.


(b) Write an appreciation of the play The New Hangman.

GROUP B (16 marks)

19.    Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given under :    (8x1 = 8)

Playing games in the open air makes one hi althy and strong. Apart from making us healthy and tit, games have many other advantages. Consider the Olympics, the premier sports event of the world. It brings all nations together and develops comradeship and friendship among nations. There is a healthy competition. Matchers are played, lost or won in a happy atmosphere. These athletes and players are the real ambassadors of the participating nations,

(a)    What are the advantages of playing games in the opei

(b)    Which is the premier sports event of the world?

(c)    Who are the real ambassadors of Nations?

(d)    There is a - competition in the Olympics. (healthy/unhealthy)

5    3973

(e) The Olympics are played twice in four years (True/False)

if) The opposite of indoor games is

(g)    What is comradeship?

(h)    What is the role of Olympics?

20.    Read the following hints and develop them into a paragraph.    (8)

Education - necessary for a civilized democracy -for the growth and development of a nation illiterates need support and help - educated men - stand on Ms own legs - removal of illiteracy - Adult education in villages rural population. - motivation for learning -each one teach one - involvement of students - NSS -NCC - in this programme useful to society.


21.    Write a letter to your friend advising him to do

some part-time computer courses in the vacation for getting a suitable job in the present day context, (8)


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