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Bangalore University 2007 P.U.C English Pre-University ch/il, - Question Paper

Saturday, 23 March 2013 07:40Web

Pre-University Course March/April, 2007
(New Syllabus)

Time: three Hours Max. Marks: 90

Note: i) Follow the prescribed limited while answering the ques..
ii) Write the accurate ques. number as it appears on the ques. Paper.
iii) 1 mark ques. attempted more than once will be awarded zero
iv) For multiple option ques. select the accurate ans and rewrite it.

I. ans the subsequent in a word, a phrase or a sentence each: 12x1=12

1. At what time did Lieutenant Blandford have an appointment with Hollis Maynell?

2. What work did the women do when they left their children in the shade to sleep in “Life’s Beginning”?

3. select the accurate answer:

Juliane Koepeke did not eat fruits in the jungle because fruits were

a) beautiful
b) delicious
c) poisonous

4. Tansukh thinks that the word ‘broker’ evokes..........................

5. When ‘love is not love’ according to Shakespeare?

6. Where did Mary hide the secret part of teh machine?

7. With whose intervention was Baba Amte able to go to Calcutta to know about the truth about leprosy?

8. Where does the woman work in “The Travel Bureau” stay?

9. Mention the name provided to ‘Sadir’ by Rukmini Devi.

10. Why does the speaker want to live in a house by the side of the road?

11. What has become a bad habit with Mutthashi?

12. Which is the country of innovation according to Kie Ho?

II. ans any 8 of the subsequent (Choosing at lowest 2 from poetry) in a snippet of 80-100 words every. 8x4=32

13. define the circumstances that developed an intimacy ranging from Blandford and Hollis Meynell.

14. discuss the ways that the children are brought up in the poem ‘Life’s Beginning’?

15. How did the qualities of hope and courage help the girl to survive in the jungle?

16. How does Alan brownjohn discuss the effect of urbanization through the phrase ‘only rabbit’ and ‘only patch of grass’?

17. Bring out the contradictory responses of Kuruman Panikkan and Muthashi about the glass tree.

18. Write short notes on Baba Amte’s view about

a) development
b) Youth of India.

19. According to Joe, how does his new machine facilitate children to be free from child labour?

20. explain the ways in which Tansukh as a broker manipulate his clients.

21. provided an account of professional and personal life of the woman in “The Travel ?Bureau”.

22. discuss Rukmini Devi’s encounter with Anna Pavlova.

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