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Bangalore University 2007 P.U.C Economics Pre University of ch/il, - Question Paper

Saturday, 23 March 2013 07:35Web

Pre University exam of March/April, 2007
(New Syllabus)

Time: three Hours Max. Marks: 90

Note: 1) Write the ques. numbers legibly in the margin.
2) ans for a ques. should be continuous.


I. ans the subsequent ques. in 1 sentence each: 10 x one = 10

1. What is the meaning of dual economy?

2. Mention the literacy rate as per 2001 census.

3. provide the meaning of land-use.

4. What is the meaning of cottage industries?

5. What do you mean by agricultural labour?

6. Name any 2 railway zones.

7. Expand TRIPS.

8. What is the meaning of capital expenditure?

9. What is communication?

10. Name the current Deputy Chairman of National Planning Commission.


II. ans any ten of the subsequent ques. in about 4 phrases each: 10 x two = 20

11. Mention any 2 features of developed countries.

12. What is sex-ratio?

13. Mention the kinds of irrigation.

14. What do you mean by sick industry?

15. discuss the meaning of bonded labour.

16. What is Nagpur Plan?

17. State the meaning of import substitution.

18. Name any 4 international airports.

19. What do you mean by fiscal policy?

20. State any 4 functions of NDC.

21. provide the meaning of devaluation.

22. discuss the meaning of economic planning.


III. ans any 8 of the subsequent ques. in about 15 phrases each: eight x five = 40

23. discuss the components of HDI.

24. define the important features of developing countries.

25. What is unemployment? discuss the kinds of unemployment.

26. What is soil conservation? define the measures of soil conservation.

27. Write a note on rain-water harvesting.

28. discuss the issues of small scale industries.

29. discuss the Industrial Development Strategy of 1991.

30. elaborate the features of Industrial Labour?

31. discuss briefly the growth of commercial banks.

32. Mention the cause for increasing public expenditure in latest years.

33. discuss the functions of National Planning Commission.

34. Mention the different kinds of Co-operative Societies.


IV. ans any 2 of the subsequent ques. in about 40 phrases each: two x 10 = 20

35. discuss the measures taken by the government for employment generation and poverty alleviation.

36. define the importance of transport.

37. discuss the objectives and functions of W.T.O

38. discuss the sources of revenue of the Central Government.

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