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NTR University of Health Sciences (NTRUHS) 2005 M.A MPT- Cardiorespiratory disorders - Question Paper

Monday, 21 January 2013 12:50Web


explain in detail about clinical and operative management of five years old TOF pt.?

Write in detail about clinical features detail investigation procedure and conservative management of IHD?

Write comprehensively about clinical aspects of peripheral venous disorder?


Heart Block



Chest Pain

Bronchial hygiene technique for children


Write in detail about valuation of efficacy on instrumental and non-instrumental breathing exercise techniques?

Write in detail about of analysis and process of cardiac valuation by using different clinical methods?

Write comprehensively the valuation of complications of ventilator management of the patient in different stages of progression?


Analysis of abnormal respiration and pathobiomechanics of chest wall deformities

Pre operative valuation of patient for pace maker surgery

Lipid profile

Interpretations of heart and lung sounds

Lymphatic valuation

PT valuation

explain in detail about the planning of protocol of occupational lung disorder?

explain in detail about aerobic regime for pulmonary rehabilitation patient

Write comprehensively planning; management of peripheral vascular diseases


Autogenic drainage

Field exercises in stress testing

Modes of ventilators

Abnormal breathing

Secondary complications of CABG patients


Development of conduction system of heart

explain in detail about circulatory re adjustment in heart and skeletal muscle during exercise

The comparative analysis of change in lung quantity vs. capacities in restrictive and obstructive lung disorders


Coronary arterial supply integration and anastamosis

Aortic valve orifice cusps tendine and openings

ECG leads

Control of autonomic nervous system in heart pumping

Role of parasternal during quite respiration in median sternotomy case.

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