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Bangalore University 2005 B.B.M 2nd Semester il/ - - exam paper

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second Semester B.B.M. exam April/May - 2005
Business Environment
Time : three Hours Max. Marks : 90

Instructions: Answers should be written completely in English.

part - A

I. ans any TEN sub - ques.. every sub - ques. carries two marks. (10 X two = 20)

a. describe Brand Competition.
b. What is the role of Execitive?
c. describe mixed economy.
d. elaborate classifications of the directive principles?
e. What id the nature of IMF?
f. elaborate the main objectives of GATT?
g. What do you mean by transfer of technology?
h. discuss the actual political environment.
i. describe planning.
j. What is globalisation?
k. describe balanced regional development.
l. describe budget.

part - B

II. ans any 5 of the subsequent. every ques. carries five marks. (5 X five = 25)

2. "Today a firm can ignore environment as its peril". explain the statementby outlining the different environment factors affecting business.
3. Write a short note on business ethics.
4. explain IMF and India.
5. discuss the responsibilities of business towards the government.
6. provide the main recommendations of the Chakravarthy committee report.
7. Distinguish ranging from capitalism and socialism.
8. elaborate the features of socialism?
9. elaborate the main provisions in the fundamental rights and the directive principles related to economic justice?

part - C

III. ans any 3 of the subsequent. every ques. carries 15 marks. (15 X three = 45)

10. elaborate the objectives and measures of privatisation? explain in detail the process of privatisation in India.
11. elaborate the objectives of the New Industrial Policy 1991? discuss its main provisions. elaborate the shortcomings of this policy?
12. describe ecological environment. discuss the ways and organisations related to the prevention as well as control of pollution.
13. discuss the objectives and salient features of planning in India related to the 5 year plans.
14. elaborate implications of India as a member of WTO?

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