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Bangalore University 2007 B.B.M 3rd Semester 2006 - Question Paper

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third Semester B.B.M. exam December 2006
Business Communication
Time: three Hours Max. Marks: 90

part - A

1. ans any ten ques.. every ques. carries two marks. (10 X two = 20)

a) What is business communication?
b) What is communication network?
c) State the barriers to communication.
d) provide the meaning of active stimuli.
e) What is interview?
f) What is internet?
g) List out the parts of a letter.
h) What do you mean by attention line?
i) What is a credit letter?
j) provide the meaning of a circular.
k) What is a report?
l) Expand WWW.

part - B

ans any 5 of the subsequent. every ques. carries five marks. (5 X five = 25)

2. describe the role of Non- verbal communication.
3. State the characteristics of grapevine communication.
4. discuss the barriers to listening.
5. discuss the kinds of interview.
6. Briefly define the significance of internet in business.
7. discuss the objectives of a business letter.
8. State the purpose of reports.
9. provide the specimen of a credit letter.

part C

ans any 3 of the subsequent. every ques. carries 15 marks. (3 X 15 = 45)

10. discuss the functions and kinds of communication.
11. What is listening? How is it significant for individual and organisation?
12. explain the purpose and limitations of interviews.
13. Draft a letter enquiring about the credit info of a firm from a bank.
14. Briefly explain the modifications brought about in the field of communication by the newly introduced electronic devices.

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