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Bangalore University 2007 B.B.M 3rd Semester 2005 - Question Paper

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third Semester B.B.M. exam December 2005
Business Communication
Time: three Hours Max. Marks: 90

part - A

1. ans any ten ques.. every ques. carries two marks. (10 X two = 20)

a) What is communication?
b) Who is a transmitter?
c) Suggest simple words for the subsequent i) Enormous ii) Accelerate.
d) What is rumour?
e) What is a network organisation?
f) What is WWW?
g) What is re- writing stage?
h) What is selective listening?
i) What is simplified block form of a letter?
j) What is press report?
k) Expand CWO and E& OE.
l) What is Oral report?

part - B

ans any 5 of the subsequent. every ques. carries five marks. (5 X five = 25)

2. State the need and importance of business communication.
3. Distinguish ranging from 'Advice' and 'Counseling'.
4. List at lowest 5 qualities of an effective interviewer.
5. What is noise? Hoe does the noise effect the flow of communication?
6. State and discuss any 2 psychological barriers of communication.
7. provide the specimen of a credit letter.
8. Differentiate ranging from statutory and non- statutory reports.
9. How can a business letter be made effective?

part C

ans any 3 of the subsequent. every ques. carries 15 marks. (3 X 15 = 45)

10. Verbal communication is more important than non-verbal communication. explain.
11. Write a letter of appointment to a candidate mentioning the details of pay scale, probationary period and other terms and conditions of the service.
12. elaborate the barriers to communication? discuss how to overcome those barriers.
13. You have received an enquiry about financial standing of Messrs. Khan Brothers, Mumbai, whom you have known for a few time, you have reasons to believe that, though honest, they are overtrading and have borrowed huge amounts. Draft a suitable reply suggesting tactfully and warning against financial issues and not to extend any credit facilities, to Messrs, Oberans Limited, Mumbai.
14. As a dealer of Chill Air Coolers, you have placed an order of 30 air coolers with the company, but the supply was inordinately delayed. Write a letter to the sales manager of the company expressing your dismay which has caused you heavy losses.

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