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Bangalore University 2005 B.B.M KETING MANAGEMENT - Question Paper

Thursday, 21 March 2013 10:30Web


1. ans ANY TEN ques.

a): Mention marketing concepts

b): What is Marketing system

c): What is segmentation?

d): What do you mean by consumer behaviour?

e): What is innovation?

f): What is "mark up" pricing?

g): Who are agent middlemen?

h): What is publicity

i): What is personal selling

j): What is primary data?

k): What is product life cycle


2. discuss the importance of branding in marketing?

3. describe marketing and discuss the difference ranging from marketting and selling?

4. discuss briefly the components of macro environment?

5. discuss the social factors infuencing the buyer.

6. elaborate the essentials of good advertising copy?

7. elaborate the essentials of personal selling?

8. How pricing is done under monopoly market?

9. discuss intensive distribution policy.


10. describe marketing concept. discuss modern methods of marketing?

11. Eplain the infuence of marketing environment on marketing behaviour of an organisation?

12. describe marketing segmentation and discuss the variables used in segmenting the market

13. What do you mean by pricing? discuss the factors infuencing pricing policies of a firm?

14. What is advertising copy? discuss the essentials of advertising copy.

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