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Bangalore University 2007 B.B.M HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT - Question Paper

Thursday, 21 March 2013 09:45Web

ans any TEN (2 marks each)

a) What is personnel management.
b) elaborate the sources of recruitment.
c) What is group interview?
d) What is meant by accident?
e) What is sensitivity training?
f) what is fair wage.
g) What is lay-off?
h) What is an incentive scheme.
i) Mention any 4 reasons for training.
j) What is intelligence test?
k) What is the meaning of fatigue?
l) What is the meaning of transactional company?

ans any 5 (5 marks each)

2: Briefly expplain the objectives of recruitment policy.
3: elaborate the objectives of Training.
4: elaborate the factors that infuence human resources planning.
5: elaborate the objectives of compansation.
6: Distinguish ranging from fatigue and boredom.
7: Briefly discuss the basic principles of safety.
8: briefly discuss the relationship ranging from morale and productivity.
9: State the argument against promotion by seniority system.

ans any 3 (15 marks each)

10: What is human resources development? discuss the factors affecting human resources development.
11: discuss the different sources of recruitment.
12: discuss the different aspects of right-sizing.
13: What is meant by performance appraisal? discuss the various methods of performance appraisal.
14: discuss the different kinds of on-the-job training and off-the-job training methods.

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