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Bangalore University 2006 B.A Sociology V Semester , - exam paper

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V Semester B.A. Examination, December 2006
(Semester Scheme)
Social issues

Time: three Hours Max. Marks: 90

Instructions: 1) ans all ques..
2) Answers should be written completely either in Kannada or in English.

I. ans any 3 of the subsequent in 5-10 phrases each: (3x5=15)

a) Mention the characteristics of social issues.
b) State the causes for high fertility in India.
c) Mention the anti-liquor movements launched by women.
d) What is drug? Who is drug edict?
e) What is Urbanism?

II. ans any 3 of the subsequent in 15-20 phrases each: (10x3=30)

1. Briefly discuss the cultural base of social issues.
2. Write a note on the family planning programme in India.
3. Write a note on liquor prohibition.
4. Explain suitable measures for combating drug trafficking.
5. Write a note on Housing issue in India.

III. ans any 3 of the subsequent not exceeding three pages each: (15x3=45)

1. Give a brief account of the approaches to the study of social issues.
2. Explain the consequences of population change in Agrarian societies.
3. What is alcoholism? discuss the consequences of alcoholism.
4. Who are child labourers? Make a critical valuation of the Governmental efforts in solving the issue of child labour in India.
5. What is urbanization? Examine the social effects of urbanization.

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