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Bangalore University 2005 B.A Psychology Developmental - Question Paper

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III Semester B.A/ B.Sc. Examiantion, Nov/December 2005
(Semester Scheme)
Developmental Psychology

Time: three Hours Max. Marks: 60

Instructions: 1) All five ques. are compulsory
2) ans either 'a' and 'b' or 'c' and 'd'.
3) All answers must be written completely in either kannada or english.

1. a) discuss the difference ranging from practical and controlled groups. 4
b) discuss the principles of human development. 8


c) discuss the aspects of human development. 4
d) Expalin Erikson's Theory. 8

2. a) discuss multiple births. 4
b) discuss sex determination and sex linked inheritance. 8


c) discuss dominant and recessive alleles. 4
d) Expalin the diferent kinds of choromosomal abnormalities. 8

3. a) discuss foetal stage. 4
b) discuss the methods of pre-natal assessment. 8


c) What is Rh incompatibility? four
d) discuss the stages of pre-natal development. 8

4. a) elaborate the principles of motor development? 4
b) discuss the stages of language development. 8


c) What is social referencing? 4
d) discuss the reflexes of the new-born and their adaptive value. 8

5. a) Write abuot the stages of aggression in childhood. 4
b) discuss Piaget's theory of cognitive development in children. 8


c) discuss the kinds of play in childhood. 4
d) discuss emotional development in children. 8

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