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Bangalore University 2008-3rd Sem B.A Psychology -Developmental (-III), /BSc - Question Paper

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SN -1649

III Semester B.A./B.Sc. Examination, November/December 2008 (Semester Scheme) PSYCHOLOGY

Developmental Psychology (Paper - III)

Max. Marks: 60

Time: 3 Hours

Instructions : 1) All questions are compulsory.

2)    Answer either a and b or c and d.

3)    All the answers must be written completely either in English or Kannada.

I. a) zSesfosdQ <>odde3b ?

What is lifespan development ?    4

Explain the different methods used in the study of human development.    8


Explain the ecological factors in development.



d)    <ade*j.

Explain the principles of human development.

l) a)    s) t?rbf&ledra ESed&ses?

Differentiate mitosis and meiosis.


b)    )537jd<3    eDdQAi.

7    oo    ot,

Explain the mechanisms of heredity in human development.



c)rops&Fc3 <aodde> ? What is mutation ?


Explain embroyonic stage of Prenatal development.

tisdriri doed iScsiSsscri

Describe the influence of Teratogens on Prenatal development. OR

c)    Rh osrf/sorarcdbjdb <adQ&. y *t

Explain Rh incompatibility.

d)    Ksypsr >53A)rf

Discuss stages of Prenatal development.

z) asjrocf sfcasftf >orirf?& ?

What is Apgar Scale ?

b)    ssSf <aodde?& ? aodbtocbd >>$ dFrD )ds&.

What are reflexes ? Explain the types of reflexes seen in an infant. OR

c)    tstftgl &sbdbdra    >do*j.

Explain sudden infant death syndrome.

d)    ssatodb    dbFrfcde.

Discuss perceptual capacities in infancy.

V. a) drssjsod riozsS <>oddesb ?

What is meta cognition ?

b)    trooadacdb doLraedjse )53?od sfdtaddjdb >de.

x    d    c3    t

Explain the nature of Psychosocial development in childhood. OR

c)    OJfTOjdpcdb ?odj3&2o dr?5rte)4 ?

Discuss Pro-Social behaviour in childhood.

d)    OTGSjdpoab >Bo>    &&SF&.

Discuss development of memory in children.


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