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Bangalore University 2006 B.A Optional English optional eng.-VIII - Question Paper

Thursday, 21 March 2013 04:45Web

1.ans 1 of the following-(a)how is the poet-lover's psychological state presented in narendra's TONIGHT I CAN WRITE?.2.comment on the Margaret Atwood's use of the metaphor of a journey in her poem JOURNEY TO THE INTERIOR.
2.write short note on any one-(a)the picture of white colonialism in 'ABORIGINAL MAN'.(b)the difference ranging from the 'violence of beast on beast' and 'upright man' in a 'FAR CRY FrOM AFRICA'.
SECTION-B(short fiction)
3.ans 1 of the following-A)fortified house is an expression of the fear complex of the parents in 'ONCE UPON A TIME'.(b)bring out the grandeur and romanticism of Esteban as presented in 'THE HANDSOMEST DROWNED MAN IN THE WORLD'.
4.ans 1 of the following-a)what are Ngugi's argument for the abolition of the English department?do you agree with him?(b)in what way,according to Meenakshi Mukherjee ,is post-colonialism an emancipatory concept for the students of literature?.
5.ans 1 of the following-(a)'things fall apart' is the tragedy of both an individual and a society.discuss.(b)in what ways do Unoka and Nwoye give a contrast to the character of Okankwo.
6.write short note on 1 -(a)Okankwo's household.(b)the unmasking of the egwgnwn,(c)Mr.Brown

7.ans 1 of the following-(a)comment on Malouf's effective use of symbolism in the novel.(b)how does the world inhabited by JIM,ASHLEY and Imogen in Australia stand in contrast to the horrors of war in Europe.
8.write short note on 1 of the following-(a)the bird sanctuary.(b)the conclusion of the novel.(c)Jim's death

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