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Bangalore University 2006-5th Sem B.A Optional English I - /e - Question Paper

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MS - 638

IV Semester B.A. Examination May/June 2006 (Semester Scheme) OPTIONAL ENGLISH (Paper - IV) American Literature and Aspects of Language

Time: 3 Hours    Max. Marks: 90

Instruction: Answer all questions.

1. Annotate three of the following :    3x5=15

a) It launched forth filament, filament, filament, out of itself,

Ever unreeling them, ever tirelessly speeding them. >' 0

b) Since then - tis centuries - and yet Feels shorter than the Day 1 first surmised the Horses Heads Were toward'Eternity -

c)    Earths the right place for love I dont know where its likely to go better. M*

d)    (now the ears of my ears awake and now the eyes of my eyes are opened)    .

e)    Help me to shatter this darkness,

To smash this night.    

To break this shadow

2. A) Answer one of the following :    1x15=15

a)    Sojourner Truths Aint I A Woman embodies her crusade for Afro-American Womens rights - Discuss.

b)    Bring out the conflict between fantasy and reality in Birches by Robert Frost.

2. B) Write a short note on one of the following :    1x5=5

i)    Yearning of the Soul in Whitmans poem.

ii)    Unconventionality of Cummings poem.

iii)    Symbolism in the wall rising slowly, slowly .... in As 1 Grew Older .


MS - 638

a) What is the domain of the passage ? Give examples.    3


b> What is the dominant/macro function ? Explain.    3

c)    Is the passage i) formal/informal ?

ii) personal/impersonal ?    2

d)    Give two examples of passive constructions.    2

e)    What is the mode of the passage ? Give example.    2

f)    Give examples of i) directive function'

ii) meta-linguistic function.    2

g)    Comment on the sentence structure of the passage.    1


S. B>Esther : Well, I thought you see......I thought I better report to

you what happened in the office Yesterday......

Radha : Yeah ..... go on.

Esther : I was at the photo copies .... the xerox machine I was

getting the copies done ... I heard .... Look .... and hope I dont sound as if Im gossiping.

Radha : Go on! er.......havent ve been friends for ages now ! You still need

to do this ?.....

Esther : Hm .... Y .... I want to warn you about the new project that you have taken up.

Radha: The landscape deal ?.....What about it ?

Esther: You slip out of it......before it is too late .... Ajay was saying that.....

this company is a bogus one .... and you have been made a scapegoat ....

Radha : Me ! a scapegoat.... a bakra .... ! well, well, well,.....How is that !

Esther : 1 dont know .... Im.....You need to be forewarned. Dont you

think ?

Radha : Thanks, Flf check it out.

3. A) Answer one of the following :    1x15=15

a)    Critically examine the various thematic interpretations of Arther Millers Death of A Salesman.

b)    Examine Willy Lamen is a tragic hero.

3.    B) Write a short note on one of the following :    1x5=5

i)    Uncle Ben

ii)    The relationship between Biff and Happy

iii)    Flash-back technique used in the play.

4.    A) Answer one of the following :    1x15=15

a)    From the study of Red Jackets speech, attempt a critical evaluation of his concept of civilisation.

b)    Examine Malamuds use of the dream reality mixture in The Magic Barrel.

4.    B) Write a short note on one of-the following :    1x5=5

i)    The simile in Hills Like White Elephants

ii)    Pinye Solzman. the match maker

iii)    The significance of the statement, we gave them com and meat; they gave us poison.

5.    A) Analyse the discourse of one of the passages given below by answering the

questions on it :

It remains to be explained how the change from the atmosphere, as it then existed, to the present atmosphere has been brought about. For m@re than a century it has been recognised that the presence of free oxygen in the atmosphere, which we are apt to take for Granted, demands explanation. Oxygen is an element that is chemically active. Whereas the rase gases in the atmosphere are chemically mert and do not form compounds with other elements, oxygen does not like to exist alone. It is always eager to join up with other elements to form oxides. The rusting of iron is an illustration, rust being merely iron oxide. Combustion is nothing more than a process of oxidation. As we have already explained, combustion cant occur in the absence of oxygen : if a glowing piece of wood is placed in a jar containing oxygen, itll at once burst into flames, because the oxidation then proceeds at a greatly enhanced rate.

a)    What is the domain <5f the passage ? Justify.

b)    What are the manitoririg features of the passage ? Why has the speaker used them ?

c)    What is the dominant function of the passage ? Explain.

d)    Mention three other micro functions of the passage with examples.

e)    Give examples of i) inexplicitness

ii) non-fluency.

f)    Give the examples of informal language items.

g)    What is the mode of the passage ?


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