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Bangalore University 2007-5th Sem B.A Optional English I --/e - Question Paper

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US - 495

IV Semester B.A. Examination, May/June 2007 (New Scheme)


American Literature and Aspects of Language

e: 3 Hours    Max. Marks: 90

Instruction: Answer all questions.

Annotate three of the following:

a)    .........., seeking the spheres to connect them,

Till the bridge you wiil need be form'd till the ductile anchor hold,

I a I

Till the gossamer thread you fling catch somewhere, o my soul. jv t

b)    Nobody ever helped me into carriages Or over mud puddles

Or gives me a best place. \ , . . A

y *

Between me and my dream.

d) We paused before a House that seemed A swelling of the Ground -The roof-was scarcely visible -The comice - in the Ground.

2) How should tasting touching hearing seeing breathing any - lifted from the no of all nothing - human merely being doubt unimaginable You ?

A) Answer one of the following:    , \    (4*15=15)

a)    Give an account of the conflict in Birches.

b)    How is 1 Thank You God an affirmation of the poets faith in God ?

c) And then the wall rose, v \**    fU    $U    ( .

Rose slowly,    \ f <



US - 525

3-    US-495

your senses are fine- timed enough to discern the distinctive Darjeeling, flavour, it will be a lifetime obsession - as it has been with connoisseurs around the world.

To begin this journey of romance, just raise your cup..... with finesse.


Darjeeling Tea has now been registered as a GI (Geographical indication) in India, which officially places Darjeeling in the esteemed company of a cognal or a champagne - other famous G.Is.}

a)    Identify the domain. Point out two typical features in the passage.    3

b)    Is the tenor formal or personal ? Justify with examples.    3


c)    What is the macro function of the passage ? Give examples.    3

d)    Illustrate with examples the following functions realised in the passage.

{ i) Poetic.

I ii) Referential.

$ hi) Phatic.    3

| e) Comment on the sentence structures of the passage. How are they typical of | the mode and domain erf the passage ?    3

>j    OR

B) Its a story that Bollywood has been teffingus religiously all these years, week after week.

| Boy meets girl, falls in love (sign, first sight syndrome again), girl loves ! another; then the winning back exercise (with ample accompaniment by I Himesh Reshammiya) and finally the drama on the wedding day. Predictable will be an understatement in the case of Namastey London.

there is no new masala to add, the director simple task is to make the


fU? **air as entertaining as possible. And Vipul Shah wins for the most

x ''ecause of a uninhibited Akshay Kumar who goes balle balle at Q    Kaif - the London teed Panjabi brat.

US - 495

B) Write a short note on one of the following:    (1 x5=S.

Once flaVGB the m

To bei

Darjec India, a chan

a)    h

b)    B

c)    V

d)    B


e)    C lit

B) Its.










i)    Contrast between dream and reality in As I Grew Older.

ii)    The black woman as mother in Aint I A Woman.

iii)    Death, the suitor inThe Chariot.

3.    A) Answer one of the following:    (1x15=15}

a)    Examine the complex psychological drama within Willy Loman.

b)    The relationship between Willy Loman and Biff is central to the action of j

Death of a Salesman - Comment.

B) Write a short note on one of the following:    (1x5=5)

i)    Linda Loman.

ii)    Willys funeral.

iii)    The role of Ben.


4.    A) Answer one of the following:    ' ' (1x15=15)!


a)    Trace the change in Leo Finkles character in Tfie Magic Barrel.

b)    Comment on the portrayal of the Great Spirit in Red Jackets speech.

B) Write a short note on one of the following:    (1x5=5)

i)    The title of the story Hills Like White Elephants.

ii)    The picture of colonialism in Red Jacket s speech.

iii)    Lilly Hirschom. '

5.    Analyse the discourse of one of the passages given below by answering the questions on it:

A) If the fine flavour of Darjeeling Tea passes you by at first go, dont lose heart.

It took us over a century to perfect the delicate art of Daijeeling Tea. You might have to allow it to grow on you.

To fully appreciate the heavenly aroma and taste, treat your cup of Daijeeling as the finest of wines. Take a whiff before you take a sip. Roll the mild liquor (sans milk and sugar, ideally) around your tongue. Wait for the faint hint of the celebrated bouquet, following the signature warm-sweet-mellow taste.

Katrina has only sight-seeing on her agenda during her India trip while her parents are on a matchmaking mission which turns out to be a piidventure.


All the action then shifts to London where we get to meet Prince Charles, if riot the queen !

ne : 3 He

Katrina relishes everything British. And her man of choice too is a Brit, whose India IQ is limited to snake-charmers and chicken tikka. But Akshay happily turns into a history teacher and parts with some of his Hindustan gyaan, from politics to military to IT.

Besides patriotism, Vipifl Shah also resorts to some Cross border tactics with a show of Indo-Pak comraderie. And that brings in an Imran Khan (Upen Patel, who seems to be going the Salman Khan way in the abs display department).

Akshay Kumar is the soul of the movie, while Katrina is definitely getting

- better. The couple aiid their big fat Indian family make Namaste London a feel-good, time-pass, movie.

a)    What is the mode of the passage ?

b)    Identify the domain. Justify with examples.

c)    Comment on the relationship between the addresser and addressee. Point out the features which establish it.

d)    Illustrate with examples the macro function of the passage.

e)    Identify two microfunctions. Give examples.

f)    Examine the sentence structures, features of explicitness and fluency.

* $


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