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Bangalore University 2008-5th Sem B.A Journalism I-, - Question Paper

Thursday, 21 March 2013 03:05Web

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Television as an Educational Medium- Discuss.

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Explain the feature of Commercial Radio Broadcasting.

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-    CD , :- *t

Discuss the purpose of film censorship. e*ftejs>/OR

miin erodrt, iSd&s&f wdoto.

Write an Cable and Satellite Television.


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Critically examine the role of Radio in society.

2.    en)rtdb52psjpiict3.

Trace the origin and development of Television in India.

3.    zpadleafc &c3s&R>d riodsd $a?odc>

   <A*J>    <

Describe a brief history of Indian Cinema.

4.    octa>4c3Drid> i*oz>    dtodortedaSF*) Discuss the programme pattern of Television of your Choice.

5.    wdctoo.

Write your opinion on Kannada cinemas.


IV Semester B.A. Examination, June 2008 (Semester Scheme) JOURNALISM (Paper - IV) Basic Audio Visual Media

SM - 195

Max. Marks : 90

Time : 3 Hours

Instructions: 1) Answer all questions.

2) Answer completely in English or in Kannada.


Write short notes on any three :

1.    asff.iasfr,-.3e<fte    F.M. Radio

2.    a. 24.X 7 NDTV 24 x 7

3.    T&sSfsr w.).    SuVarna TV


4.    )#e35(    Special Alienee

5.    S.I.T.E.

zpsrtw-SECTION -B


Answer the following :

1. <3eoie    <DdD*>.


Explain the principles of writing for Radio.


D&ssfef    ?

What are the production techniques of T-V programmes ?



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