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Bangalore University 2006 B.A Economics Environmental - Question Paper

Thursday, 21 March 2013 12:15Web

Environmental Economics

Time: three Hours Max. Marks: 90

Instructions: a) ans should be written completely either in Kannada or in English.
b) Answers of Part A should be continuous.


ans any 10 of the subsequent in 5-6 phrases every. every ques. carries two marks: (2x10=20)

a) Distinguish environmental economics from resource economics.
b) Distinguish ranging from public and private goods.
c) Mention four advantages of capital-intensive technology.
d) Mention the kinds of foreign capital
e) What is resource endownment?
f) Write the concept of extraction cost.
g) What is Jhumming cultivation.
h) What is meant by polluters pay principle?
i) Mention any two reasons for ground water pollution.
j) provide any two examples of recycling.
k) What is organic farming.
l) What is solid waste.


ans any 5 of the subsequent ques. in 15 to 20 phrases every. every ques. carries five marks. (5x5=25)

2. discuss the individual preferences regarding environmental protection.
3. Why do markets fail in the case of environmental goods?
4. “The Concept of economic development includes environmental protection”. discuss.
5. Enumerate the principles in management of renewable resources.
6. Write short notes on
a) Global warming
b) Acid rain.
7. Outline the measures to pressure bio-diversity.
8. elaborate the sources of non-conventional energy?


ans any 3 of the subsequent ques. not exceeding 4 pages every. every ques. carries 15 marks: (3x15=45)

9. discuss the nature and scope of environmental economics.
10. Critically examine the limits of Growth Theory.
11. What is man-power planning? Bring out the role in economic development?
12. discuss the role of forests in environmental protection. Write a note on afforestation.
13. discuss the causes of land degradation. Write a note on soil conservation measures

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