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Bangalore University 2008-2nd Year B.A Economics International - /BSc - Question Paper

Thursday, 21 March 2013 12:00Web

lllllllllllllllllllllll    AM - 543

II Year B.A./B.Sc. Examination, June 2008 (RAS Scheme) ECONOMICS (Paper - II) International Economics

Time: 3 Hours    Max. Marks: 100

Instructions:1) Answers should be written completely in English or Kannada.

2)    Answer in part A should be continuous.

3)    Answer should be precise.

PART - A (Objective Type)

Answer any ten of the following in 3-4 lines each. Each question carries 2 marks.


1. a) ssrodd oadbrteb .aoddesb ?

What is terms of trade ?

b)    aridsl ossirttfcfc

/    2>    oc

Name the member countries of SAARC.

c)    GATT <siriek Expand GATT.

Mention any four advantages of international trade.

e)    )<3e&    oddef> ?

What is Foreign Capital ?

f)    &de.> oas&odb <aoddesb ?

What is Foreign Exchange ?

g)    ousdrae odde?i> ?

What is Euro ?

h)    >dea wodrod <addD w?W& wa.

Mention any two types of Foreign Capital.


AM - 543

i) & erod d&rteb odde? ?


o3    v

What are SDRs ?

j) spaded oirasroddLra raosnaoaH? dsjjjrttfri 3o*j0*j.

Name any four Indias Traditional Exports.

k) <ad3* ra.o? odderfi ?


What is EXIM Bank ?

1) do&orF <aodde?& ?

What is dumping ? m) wdr <aodde?> ?

What is optimum tariff ?

n) SEZ    sodoSoO.

t -D

Expand SEZ.

PART -B (Analytical Type)

Answer any four of the following in 20 lines each. Each question carries 5 marks.


2.    srorod oiraroddLra <adc>

Explain any two types of terms of trade.

3.    spaded darf    tfs&rirtrt rodrerttfeasfo*.

Explain the causes for the slow growth of exports of India.

4.    203&>o3&,eo> SrtsfcTW Wcdb&sorttfcfc ariOA.

Explain merits of MNCs.

5.    &3c eszpda tort &3dr3 wdcooo.

6 ' V Q 6    A CJ

Briefly explain the Asian Development Bank.

6.    de> wodissd sns,diOJo>F&> de&.

2) <=t

Explain the importance of Foreign Capital.

7.    >dmoSc3 eroderirtslcdb 3$*>.

d    a    t.

Explain the objective of World Bank.

! 11111:1 IILil

AM - 543


PART - C (Essay type)

8.    sro-rod <aoddes> 9 z&otf S33rsrodd idd

-0 6    -0    -C

What is free trade policy ? Discuss the arguments for and against free trade.

9.    oeadrserdd ?3S5u sSd A)C33035ed?i>

<A li    Q    <

Explain Ricardo's comparative cost theory.

10.    dS0> TyS&ScO> C3Spc5)5i>25Sr33A Critically examine the purchasing power parity theory.

11.    I.M.Fjd wdedrteb,    s>&    siO>e<>&.

Examine the objectives, achievements and failures of I.M.F.

12.    osdrf arfeS sss.sradd s>3b dt&3o4>c&

1    .        v    s    ci in

Analyse the direction and composition of Indias Foreign Trade.

13.    ss>r33ad sen    sroste >&j$ wfefci/seorfri rodrarttfcfc

3    -0    TJ O 3    w    <

Bring out the difference between balance of trade and balance of payments. Explain the causes for disequilibrium in balance of payments.



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