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Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University 2010 B.E Electronics

Sunday, 20 January 2013 07:45Web

part A

1.(a) describe ADT. Write ADT for stack. 8marks
(b) What is queue? discuss different operation performed on queue. 8marks
2.(a) Write a 'C' program to perform different operation on stack. 10marks
(b) Convert the subsequent into prefix and postfix expressions: 6marks
(i) A+B*C
(ii) (A+B)*(C-D)
3.(a) discuss and compare singly linked list and Doubly linked list. 8marks
(b) Write a 'C' program to perform different operations on the singly linked list. 8marks
4.(a) describe Tree. discuss Binary Tree and write its 'C' representation. 8marks
(b) Write a 'C' fuction to insert a new node in binary search tree. 8marks
5. Write notes on (any three) 18marks
(i) Sparse matrices;
(ii) Tree Traversals;
(iii) Circularly linked list;
(iv) Shortest path.

part B

6.(a) What is Graph? discuss representation of graphs with suitable example. 8marks
(b) Write an algorithm for minimum spanning tree. 8marks
7.(a) discuss the working of bubble sort with an example 8marks
(b) Write a 'C' program to sort a provided integer array using insertion sort. 8marks
8.(a) obtain a real root of the formula x^3-x-1=0, using bisection method accurate upto 4 decimal places 8marks
(b) Write a 'C' program for Newton-Raphson method. 8marks
9.(a) Solve the subsequent equations by Gauss-Jorden method: 8marks
(b) Write a program for Bisection method. 8marks
10. Write short notes (any three): 18marks
(i) B trees;
(ii) Binary Searching;
(iii) Minimum cost spanning tree;
(iv) Simpson's 1/3 and 3/8 rule

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