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Ch. Charan Singh University 2010 B.C.A Computer Application Data Communication & Networking - Question Paper

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BCA N SOT'    3108

B.C.A. Examination, May 2010

Computer Communication (BCA-402)

Maximum Marks. 7b

Time: Three Hours

Note : Attempt any five questions. No. 1 is compuisory.

Question No. 2 to 7 carry equal marks.    ,

1    (a)    How    it    is    advantageous    to    divide    Network

Communication Protocol in different layers? Discuss with appropriate example.

(b)    What is the main difference between TCP and UDP?

(c)    Which of the OSI Layers handles each of the



(i)    Dividing the transmitted bit stream into frames.

(ii)    Determining which route through the subnet

to use.

(d) Explain the term Multi-path fading.    2

(a)    A collection of five routers is to be connected in a point-to-point subnet. Between each pair of routers, the designers may put a high-speed line, a medium-speed line,a low-speed line,or no line. If it takes 100 ms of computer time to generate and inspect each topology, how long will it take to inspect all of them?    8

(b)    What do you mean by the Chromatic Dispersion?    2

(c)    Compute the fourier coefficient for the function


f(t) = t(0t<1) 5

(a)    Explain feedback-based flow control and rate-based flow control.    8

(b)    A bit string 011110111110111 I'M 0 needs to be transmitted at the data link layer. What is the string actually transmitted after bit stuffing. 7

What is the band rate of the standard 10-Mbps Ethernet? Sketch the Manchester encoding for the bit stream : 0001110101.    10

(b) Givywo reasons why networks might use an erref-correcting code instead of error detection anci retransmission.


(a)    Suppose that instead of using 16 bit for the network part of a class B address, originally, 20 bits had been used. How many class B networks

would there have been?    0

* 8

(b)    A network on the Internet has a subnet mask of What is the maximum number of hosts it can handle?    7

(a)    Describe Domain Name System and its

significance in Internet    <


(b)    What is Tunneling? Discuss Layer-2 and Layer-3 Tunneling Technology.    -j q

(a)    Can a machine with a single DNS name have multiple IP address? How could this occur? 5

(b)    Explain the following:    2 5X4=10

(i)    Flooding

(ii)    ARPMET and MSFNET

(iii)    Fragmentation.

(iv)    Paging System.


(4)    3108/12800/4


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