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Birla Institute of Technology (BIT Mesra) 2006 KETING - Question Paper

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Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani

Distance Learning Programmes Division

First Semester 2005-2006

Mid-Semester Test

(EC-1 Regular)

Course No. : MM ZC411

Course Title : MARKETING

Nature of examination : Closed Book

Weightage : 40%

Duration : two Hours

Date of examination : 03/09/2005 (AN)


1. Please follow all the Instructions to Candidates provided on the cover page of the ans book.

2. All parts of a ques. should be answered consecutively. every ans should begin from a fresh page.

Q 1. If you apply the Porter’s competitive forces model to a small automobile ancillary company supplying steering wheels along with a few other ancillary companies to very large automobile company, which of the 5 competitive forces has the greatest negative impact on profit attractiveness? (5)

Q 2. Brand A toothpaste was promoted as effective in preventing tooth decay. The advertisement showed the negative impact on heath caused by tooth decay and therefore the importance of preventing tooth decay. What is the ‘involvement’ of consumers in the purchase of toothpaste? What is the kind of buying behavior the consumers exhibit for toothpaste? What was the strategy of the brand A through its advertisement provided you’re the level of involvement and buying behavior for toothpaste? (5)

Q 3. A large engineering company buys coolant regularly for use in operating its machines in the company’s plant. elaborate the 3 kinds of buying situations and what is the kind of buying situation in this context? (5)

Q 4. A Personal Computer manufacturing company is developing a five-year perspective plan for which it needs to understand the major macro environment forces. State the 6 major macro environment forces. Identify the single most important macro environment force from the 6 categories. (5)

Q 5. “Marketing is an activity of exchange, with consideration”, explain. (5)

Q 6. How can a marketing manager add value to the product/service handled by him? What will happen if a consumer is dissatisfied? (5)

Q 7. Enunciate the steps in Market-Planning process. (5)

Q 8. elaborate the primary and secondary sources of info gathering for projecting demand? (5)


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