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Birla Institute of Technology (BIT Mesra) 2006 Human Resource Management - Question Paper

Saturday, 19 January 2013 10:10Web

Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani

Distance Learning Programmes Division

Second Semester 2005-2006

Mid-Semester Test

(EC-1 Regular)

Course No. : MM ZC441

Course Title : Human Resource Management

No. of Pages = 1

No. of ques. = four
Nature of examination : Closed Book

Weightage : 40%

Duration : two Hours

Date of examination : 04/02/2006 (FN)


1. Please follow all the Instructions to Candidates provided on the cover page of the ans book.

2. All parts of a ques. should be answered consecutively. every ans should begin from a fresh page.

Q 1. Differentiate ranging from Personnel Management and Human Resource Management? define the changing role and scope of Human Resource Management in the light of globalization, changing technology and culture (10)

Q 2. You are the 1st HR Director of a small but growing philanthropic organization. The organization does not have job descriptions. You mention to the executive director that 1 of your 1st projects is to start a job analysis project so that you can find data to write job descriptions and job specifications. The executive director is not familiar with job analysis and asks you to brief him on the process. What do you tell him? (10)

Q 3. Describe, with the aid of examples from your own organization, the key stages in a planned approach to managing the flow of staff into, through and out of an organization. (10)

Q 4. Performance appraisal, while enabling a manager to identify the training needs of employees, and evolving a training plan for them, also, serves to meet other objectives as it satisfies the psychological needs as individuals need to know how they are performing their job and increases employees' job satisfaction and morale by letting him know that the manager is interested in his progress and development. In the light of the above statement define the role played by performance appraisal in an organization. (10)


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