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Annamalai University 2007 B.A English History of literature - Question Paper

Tuesday, 05 March 2013 11:50Web

ans 5 of the subsequent without omitting any Group. All ques. carry equal marks.


1. Trace the origin of English drama. [MARKS 20]

2. Who are the Elizebethan sonneteers? [MARKS 20]

3. Examine the features of Spencer's poetry? [MARKS 20]

4. How did the Renaissance and the Reformation influence English literature? [MARKS 20]

5. Write short notes : [MARKS 20]

(i) The Authorized Version of the Bible.

(ii) The Elizebethan Stage.

(iii) The Periodical Essay.


6. Evaluate Lamb as an essayist. [MARKS 20]

7. How did satires and mock satires develop during the Restoration period? [MARKS 20]

8. Who were the minor novelists of the eighteenth century? [MARKS 20]

9. Write on the precursors of the Romantic poetry. [MARKS 20]

10. Write short notes : [MARKS 20]

(i) Johnson and Boswell.

(ii) Anti-sentimental Comedy.

(iii) Comedy of Manners.


11. How did Scott contribute to the historical novel? [MARKS 20]

12. Write on the salient features of Romantic poetry. [MARKS 20]

13. How can Tennyson be called a representative Victorian poet? [MARKS 20]

14. provide an estimate of Jane Austen as a novelist. [MARKS 20]

15. Write short notes : [MARKS 20]

(i) The Bronte Sisters

(ii) The Victorian Prose

(iii) The Pre Raphaelites.


16. Examine the characteristics of the poetic drama of the twentieth century. [MARKS 20]

17. Write on the Absurd drama. [MARKS 20]

18. Analyse the aspects of the psycological novel. [MARKS 20]

19. elaborate the new critical approaches developed in the twentieth century? [MARKS 20]

20. Write short notes : [MARKS 20]

(i) Conrad

(ii) Science Fiction.

(iii) W.H. Auden.

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