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Birla Institute of Technology (BIT Mesra) 2006 SOFTWARE ENGINEERING AND MANAGEMENT - Question Paper

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Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani

Distance Learning Programmes Division



Course Number : SS ZG562


No. of Pages = 1

No. of ques. = five
kind of Test : Closed Book

Weightage : 40%

Duration : two Hours

Date of Test : September 2, 2006 (Saturday, Forenoon Session)

Please Note:

1. This test is ONLY for the students enrolled in M.S. SOFTWARE SYSTEMS degree programme.

2. There are 5 ques. in all. begin every ans from a fresh page.

3. All answers should be analytical, precise and complete. Draw neat, tagged diagrams wherever applicable.

4. Please follow all the instructions provided on the cover page of the main answersheet.

5. Mobile phones and computers of any type should not be brought inside the examination hall.

6. Use of unfair means of any type during the examination will outcome in severe disciplinary action.

Q. 1. discuss briefly, using lucid examples, as to why is it improper to consider systems engineering as an engineering discipline. Also define how systems engineering discipline differs from other, more traditional fields of engineering. ( five )

Q. 2. presume that you are a project manager for a small software products company. Your job is to build a breakthrough product that combines virtual reality hardware with state-of-the-art multimedia software. As the competition for the home entertainment market is intense, there is significant pressure to get the job done soon. Which software development process model(s) would you select for this project? provide precise reasons for your choice(s). ( five )

Q. 3. discuss clearly (with lucid examples), what is wrong with the popular perception that software engineering methods and practices are too time consuming and tedious, and that they always interfere with the programmer’s productivity. ( five )

Q. 4. Using lucid examples, briefly discuss how the Software Engineering Institute’s Capability Maturity Model Integration (SEI-CMMI) supports continuous improvement of the software process. No need to define the CMMI. ( five )

Q. 5. Study the subsequent brief requirements for a simple automated Petrol Pump system and develop a few analysis and design models of the system. You may make a few reasonable assumptions that would add significant value to your models, but please state all assumptions clearly wherever improper.

A petrol station is to be set up for fully automated operation. When drivers swipe their credit card through a credit card learner connected to the petrol pump, the credit card is verified by communication with a credit card company computer and a fuel limit established. The driver may then take the volume of fuel needed. When fuel delivery is complete and the pump hose is returned to its holster, the driver’s credit card account is debited with the cost of the fuel taken. The credit card is returned after debiting the amount. If the card is invalid, the pump returns it before fuel is dispensed.

5.1. Develop a neat situation level data flow diagram and a 1st level Data Flow Diagram for modeling all the functions performed by the Petrol Pump. Be sure to use worthwhile names for all the processes, data stores and data flows. ( five )

5.2. Develop a neat, tagged State Transition Diagram describing the behavior of the Petrol Pump system. Use worthwhile names for all states, events and actions that outcome in state-transition. Check if all states have an exit mechanism. ( five )

5.3. define an improper architectural design for the Petrol Pump System using a neat block diagram, and discuss the specific role of every component. Specify the advantages and disadvantages of your option of architecture. ( five )

5.4. Develop a neat, detailed class diagram for the Petrol Pump system, using the models developed above. Indicate the relationships ranging from the classes on the diagram using worthwhile names for the relationships. discuss your design decisions precisely, at the end of the class diagram. ( five )


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