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Birla Institute of Technology (BIT Mesra) 2006 ENGINEERING MEASUREMENTS - Question Paper

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Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani

Distance Learning Programmes Division

Second Semester 2006-2007

Mid-Semester Test

(EC-1 Regular)

Course No. : TA ZC232


No. of Pages = 1

No. of ques. = four
Nature of examination : Closed Book

Weightage : 40%

Duration : two Hours

Date of examination : 03/02/2007 (AN)


1. Please follow all the Instructions to Candidates provided on the cover page of the ans book.

2. All parts of a ques. should be answered consecutively. every ans should begin from a fresh page.

3. Mobile phones and computers of any type should not be brought inside the exam hall.

4. Use of any unfair means will outcome in severe disciplinary action.

Q.1 (a) What is meant by sensitivity, accuracy, and precision? [3]

Q.1 (b) What type of impedance matching is desired for (a) maximum power transmission and (b) minimum influence on the output of the system? [4]

Q.1 (c) Why is an uncertainty analysis important in the preliminary stages of experimental planning? [3]

Q.2 (a) A thermometer is initially at a temperature of 70 0F and is suddenly placed in a liquid which is maintained at 300 0F. The thermometer shows 200 and 2700F after time intervals of three and five s, respectively, estimate the time constant for the thermometer. [5]

Q.2 (b) 2 resistors R1 and R2 are connected in series and parallel. The value of the resistances are

R1= 100.0 ± 0.1 ?

R2 = 50.0 ± 0.03 ?

compute the uncertainty in the combined resistance for both the series and the parallel arrangements. [5]

Q.3 (a) discuss the principle of optical method. Also write the various applications of interferometer. [5]

Q.3 (b) A steel tape is used to measure a distance of 20 m at a 10 0C. Assuming that the tape will measure the actual distance when the temperature is 20 0C. What would be the indicated distance at 10 0C? What would be the indicated distance at 400C? [5]

Q.4 (a) define the principle of operation of McLeod gage. [5]

Q.4 (b) A U-tube manometer contains a fluid having a specific gravity of 1.75 and is used to measure a differential pressure in water. What will be the differential pressure, in pascals, for a studying of 10.5 cm? [5]


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