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Birla Institute of Technology (BIT Mesra) 2006 TECHNICAL REPORT WRITING - Question Paper

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Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani

Distance Learning Programmes Division

Second Semester 2006-2007

Mid-Semester Test

(EC-1 Regular)

Course No. : TA ZC312

Course Title : tech. REPORT WRITING

No. of Pages = 2

No. of ques. = four
Nature of examination : Closed Book

Weightage : 40%

Duration : two Hours

Date of examination : 04/02/2007 (FN)


1. Please follow all the Instructions to Candidates provided on the cover page of the ans book.

2. All parts of a ques. should be answered consecutively. every ans should begin from a fresh page.

3. Mobile phones and computers of any type should not be brought inside the exam hall.

4. Use of any unfair means will outcome in severe disciplinary action.

Q.1. Write a précis of the subsequent passage and suggest a suitable title to it. [12]

The human individual is ostensibly concerned with the actual nature of things, it loves the world of truth as distinct from the realm of untruth - stages of which have been briefly noticed in our earlier findings, but there is also the love of system, symmetry, order, trend and beauty which satisfies the mind deeply. While truth attracts our admiration, awe and wonder, beauty evokes a sense of composure, sobriety and inner delight. All types of art come under the study of aesthetics. There are indeed many arts: types of expertness in methodical presentation to the point of perfection. Good writing is an art, good administration is an art, maintenance of good health is an art, being always happy within is an art, to live harmoniously with one's atmosphere or environment is an art, to think logically is an art, to be actually good is an art. All things that 'satisfy' are embodied in art. The greatest arts, supreme objects of aesthetic enjoyment are, to state them in an ascending order of importance, architecture and sculpture; drawing and painting; music, dance and drama; and, above all, literature.

Arts, which require for their presentation heavy external material, are least in the category of aesthetic valuation. Architecture requires the largest volume of weighty material. Sculpture also needs material but in a lesser volume. Drawing and painting require the lowest of materials, just canvas and ink. Music and its attendant forms of aesthesis require no physical material at all, not even ink and pen. What is needed here is just a methodical production of sound. Art is visual, audible or intellectual. Architecture, sculpture, painting and drawing are examples of visual beauty; music is auditory, dance and drama are both visual and auditory; while literature is purely ideational, intellectual, an act of pure understanding and feeling. The higher we go in the order of ascent in the scheme of the presentation of beauty, the more enjoyable does the object become, so that powerful literature can shake the whole world in an instant. While the other arts have only a local importance and do not produce such a permanent effect on the mind as literature does.

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