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B N Mandal University 2007 B.E Marine Engineering ENGINEERING MATERIALS AND METALLURGY - Question Paper

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Note: part A is compulsory. Attempt any 4 ques. every carrying five marks from part B and any 2 every carrying 10 marks from part C.
part A (10 x two = 20


describe atomic structure of metal. provide an example
Differentiate ranging from annealing and normalizing.
Write4 phase rule. provide formula.
What is packing efficiency of an atom?
State the basic objective of the surface hardening processes.
elaborate the basic purposes for conducting the tensile test on engineering materials?
describe the phenomenon of slip?
elaborate crystal imperfections? describe.
State the general principles of phase transformation.
What is hardenability?
part B (4 x five = 20)

II (a) What is a crystal lattice? describe a unit cell.
(b) discuss the term crystallography.

III (a) Classify the engineering materials?
(b) discuss the behavior and physical properties of 2 engineering materials (e.g.
plastics, composites)

IV discuss time temperature transformation curve with the help of a diagram showing temperature and transformation time range.

V (a) discuss the term martensitic transformation in steel.
(b) List the defects in hardening and their remedies.

VI discuss preferred orientation. Draw simple sketch in support of random orientation and preferred orientation and differentiate ranging from the two.

part C (2 x 10 = 20)

VII (a) discuss the subsequent with the help of graph showing temperature and percentage of carbon range: (i) Tempering process, and (ii) Hardening process.
(b) describe heat treatment process.

VIII Draw iron carbon equilibrium diagram showing various zones of liquid and solid solution with their temperature and percentage of carbon content range. discuss the iron-carbon diagram in detail. Write its importance in the processing of ferrous materials.

IX (a) Write sort notes on the following: (i) Twinning (ii) Dislocation (iii) Re-crystallization.
(b) State the effect of Mn on the properties of alloy steel.

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