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Anna University Chennai 2008 M.Sc Software Engineering problem solving techniques - Question Paper

Sunday, 03 March 2013 03:10Web

Part-A (answer all the questions)

1.What is meant by computational complexity of an Algorithm?
2.Write the algorithm for computing the avg. of n numbers.
3.What are Pseudo-Random Numbers?
4.Define arrays and elaborate the various kinds available?
5.What is binary search?
6.Explain the principle of merge sort.
7.List the operations that can performed on a stack.
8.Explain the Binary Tree Search.
9.Define Recursion.
10.What is Towers of Hanoi problem?


11 (a) (i) discuss the various steps in issue solving. (8)
(ii)Write an algorithm to evaluate the function sin(x) as described by
the infinite series expansion sin(x)=(x/1!)+(x^3/3!)+(x^5/5!)+.... (8)
(b) (i) discuss the various ways of analysing algorithms. (8)
(ii)Write an algorithm to convert a decimal number into its
corresponding octal representation. (8)

12 (a) (i) Distingush ranging from while-loop and repeat loop. (6)
(ii)Design an algorithm to obtain the transpose of a matrix without using
a dummy matrix. presume that the matrix is a square matrix (10)
(b) (i) Write an algorithm to obtain the maximum an minimum element in
an array along with the positions of them in an array of
10 elements. (10)
(ii)Design an algorithm to reverse an array. (6)
13 (a) Write an algorithm for merge sort and discuss with an example of
10 numbers. Also explain about the complexity of the algorithm. (16)
(b) (i) Write an algorithm to reverse a provided line of text. (8)
(ii)Design an algorithm to search a key word in a line of text. (8)

14 (a) Write a short notes on the following:
(i) Algorithm for PUSH operation in stack. (6)
(ii)How to delete an element in a queue? (5)
(iii)Priority queue. (5)
(b) (i) Design an algorithm to insert an delete elements from a linear
ordered linked list (10)
(ii) discuss the usage of stack in subroutines. (6)

15 (a) (i) discuss the procedure for preorder traversal of a binary tree. (8)
(ii)Design an algorithm for quick sort. (8)
(b) (i) Design an algorithm for solving the tower of hanoi problme. (10)
(ii)Write briefly on binary recursion. (6)


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