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Anna University Chennai 2005 B.E Mechanical Engineering /B.TECH :Industrial Robotics - Question Paper

Friday, 01 March 2013 02:50Web

Sixth semester, Mechanical engineering
Industrial Robotics

Time:3 Hrs
Maximum: 100 marks

PART A (10 X two =20)

1. describe a robot.

2. Stae the advantage and limtations of hydraulic drive for robot.

3. elaborate the kinds of hydraulic actuators used in robotics?

4. What is meant by PID control?

5. What is thresholding ? Why is it necessary?

6. Distinguish ranging from grey and binary pictures.

7. Name any 4 languages used for robot programming.

8. Illustrate the use of the subsequent more commands:

9. elaborate the steps necessary for robotic arc wielding?

10. Briefly discuss how CIM is related to robotics

PART B (5 X 16 =80)

11. (i) Compare common robot configurations.

(ii) define the 5 kinds of joints used in industrial robot construction.

12 (a) Name 4 various kinds of end effectors.Compare and contrast the end effectors from the view point of their functions


(b) For the point 3i + 7j +5k perform the subsequent operations:

(i) Rotate 30 degrees about X axis

(ii) Translate eight units along the Y axis

(iii) Rotate 30 degrees about X and translate six along Y

(iv) Translate six along Y then rotate 30 degrees about X

13. (a) explain the basic operational charcteristics of the subsequent proxinsity sensors:

(i) Inductive sensor

(ii) Hall effect sensor

(iii)Capacitive sensors

(iv) Ultrasonic sensors


(b) (i) Distinguish ranging from CID and CCD camaras

(ii) How does a vidicon camera work?

(iii) Distinguish ranging from line scan and area scan vision sensors.

14 9a) (i) Compare powered and maunual lead through programming methods.


(b) (i) explain different search techniques in AI

(ii) define the 2 possible schemes for issue representation.

15 (a) (i) Why are SCARA robots preferred for assambly operations? Compare and contrast revolute robots and SCARA robots from the view point of assembly operations

(ii) define briefly the operations involved in robotic spot welding .What are the advantages of robotic welding over manual welding?


(b) define the use of robots in the following:

(i) Material handling.

(ii) Loading and unloading.

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