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Bhavnagar University 2007 B.C.A Computer Application ty - Question Paper

Friday, 18 January 2013 09:25Web

24216 Seat No.
Third Year B.C.A. exam October - 2004 Paper - 304 : Internet Technologies
Time : 3 Hours] [Total Marks : 100
1 (a) Give answers : 4
(1) Difference ranging from Internet and Intranet.
(2) Difference ranging from POP3 and IMAP.
(b) Write short notes : (any three) 6
(1) Video conferencing (2) New Group (3) E-mail.
(c) What is search engine ? Which are the popular 6
search engines ? discuss its functionality in detail.
(d) Describe TCP/IP. 4
(d) Describe DNS.
2 (a) Explain subsequent HTML Tags : 6
(1) Table Tag (2) Form Tag (3) Frameset tag.
(b) Give the various ways to incorporate CSS in HTML
(c) Write a program to develop a web page for entering 6
personal info such as Name, Gender, Address,
Phone, Pin code, Educational qualification using Label,
text box, check box, radio button type of HTML
(d) Write a note on WWW and SMTP. 4
3 (a) What is the difference ranging from HTML and DHTML 3
(b) Explain subsequent terms of XML : (any four) 8
(3) XSL
(4) Entity Reference (5) SGML

(c) provide answers : (any three) 9
(1) define the navigation ways in WML document.
(2) provide the structure of WML document.
(3) discuss XML CSS.
(4) discuss Advantages and limitations of Scripting language.

4 (a) discuss the Control structures of VB Script. 4
(b) explain the logical operations of VB Script. 4
(c) What is the difference ranging from function and subroutine in VB Script ? 6
Eplain it with suitable example.
(d) Write a program in VB script to prepare a login 6
form with proper Validations. Such as not null and
fixed no of char in password. .
explain the data kinds of VB Script. What is the use of creating an array ? discuss the creation of dynamic array in VB Script.

5 (a) What is packet filtering firewall and application gateway ? discuss. 5

(b) Explain the concept of E-Commerce. 5
(c) Which are the kinds of E-Commerce ? 5
discuss applications of E-Commerce.
(d) What is SSL ? Write a note on SSL protocol. 5

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