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Bhavnagar University 2007 B.Com BUSINESS COMMUNICATION - Question Paper

Friday, 18 January 2013 08:50Web

Time : 3 hours Maximum : 100 marks
PART A — (5 ? eight = 40 marks)
ans any 5 ques..
1. discuss the different types of enquiry letter.
2. Draft a letter canceling your order placed a few days earlier.
3. Write a circular letter announcing the purchase of a business.
4. elaborate the points to be consider while drafting a collection letter?
5. Write a letter offering agency to the applicant.
6. What is Agenda? discuss its importance.
7. elaborate the different kinds of reports?
8. What is status enquiries? When are status enquiries necessary?
PART B — (4 ? 15 = 60 marks)
ans any 4 ques..
9. discuss the structure of a Business Letter.
10. Write a letter asking for a week’s time for the execution of order.
11. Write a 2nd letter to a customer for settlement of two months old account.
12. Write a letter to a banker asking for bank overdraft.
13. Write a letter to an insurance company asking loan against policy.
14. Write an application letter for the post of accounts manager.
15. Write a minutes of company directors meeting.

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