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Bharathidasan University 2007 B.B.A BUSINESS COMMUNICATION - Question Paper

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(2005 onwards)
Time : 3 hours Maximum : 100 marks
PART A — (5 ? eight = 40 marks)
ans any 5 ques..
1. Discuss the need for drafting enquiry letters.
2. What do you mean by status enquiry? Why is it made?
3. List out the occasions on which circular letters are sent.
4. Briefly define the significance of banking letters.
5. Discuss the ways in which minutes of a meeting are prepared.
6. Explain briefly different kinds of reports.
7. What are the points to be kept in mind, while drafting complaint letters?
8. Collection letters are written in a series. explain.
PART B — (4 ? 15 = 60 marks)
ans any 4 ques..
9. Enumerate and discuss different kinds of business letters.
10. You were asked by a different trader to provide a trade reference about Messrs. Rajesh Enterprises, Madurai. You came to know a few uncomplimentary facts about the party. Write a tactful letter, indicating your inability to provide reference.
11. You have planned to open a new textile show room at the heart of Chennai. Draft a circular letter informing this, to the customers.
12. Write a letter to the Insurance Company, claiming the amount for the damage caused by fire in your printing press.
13. Draft the agenda and notice for the annual general meeting of ABC Company Ltd., Karaikudi.
14. Draft on application for IT executive in a leading firm.
15. Milan Stores, complaints to the Majestic Pressure
Cooker Co. Chennai, that 15 out of 100 cookers received from them were in a damaged state and asks them to change the damaged cookers immediately.

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