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Anna University Chennai 2007 B.B.A , - Question Paper

Saturday, 23 February 2013 04:30Web

B.B.A. ( 1st YEAR )
( PAPER - I )

120 / 520. PROSE AND USAGE
( Including Dual Degree Course )
May ] [ Time : three Hours
Maximum : 100 Marks

I. Annotate any 4 of the following,
choosing 2 from every Group :
(4 × five = 20)

1. Water in a landscape may be compared
to the eyes in a human face. It reflects
the mood of the hour, being bright and
gay when the sun shines, turning to dark
and gloomy when the sky is overcast.
2. It would be impossible to experience a similar
set of sensations in any other circumstances
unless in attempting to go up to the top of
St. Pauls in an omnibus.
3. In those days a letter was an event.
4. I am sure it was a great story for the press
and for the sports fans throughout the world,
but personally it made me very nervous.

5. It.s a grand dinner for the day. And I.m fair
famished with hunger.
6. Yet it is fairly easy to sell Dickens just as it
is always easy to sell Shakespeare.
7. .It.s all right, it.s all right ; I was only thanking
my Maker..
8. It is palisaded off for that brief time Adam
and Eve in a garden from which they must
necessarily depart not because they have done
any wrong but because .Time.s winged
Chariot. comes and carries them off.

II. Attempt an essay on any 1 of the
subsequent : (1 × 20 = 20)

9. Why does C.V. Raman say that water is
the elixir of life ?
10. define how Mrs. Packletide.s big game
of shooting ended.
11. What, according to CEM Joad, are the
merits and demerits of our civilization ?

III. Attempt any 1 of the subsequent :
(1 × 20 = 20)

12. Narrate A.J. Cronin.s story .Resurrection..
13. How does Trevelyan stress the importance
of historical knowledge ?
14. What does Robert Lynd suggest to avoid
disappointments in life ?
IV. Attempt an essay on any 1 of the
subsequent : (1 × 20 = 20)
15. define Dickens. journey to Niagara.
16. Narrate the story of Haria.s bravery.
17. What, according to Orwell, is the taste
of the studying public ?
18. elaborate Barker.s suggestion for a happy
married life ?
V. Attempt any 2 of the subsequent
Groups : (2 × 10 = 20)

19. Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions :
Three months later decreased .......... skin
and bone and .......... a right arm then looked
as though it could never be used. Natwar
crawled .......... the hut .......... our cottage
to say good bye .......... us.

20. Fill up the blanks with suitable articles :
.You say, your hair is gone ?. he stated
with .......... air of disbelief. At last he
realised .......... truth. He kissed Della. He
drew .......... package from his overcoat
pocket and threw it upon .......... table. ..........
really affectionate couple !

Rewrite any 5 of the subsequent as directed :
21. I write a novel.
(Change into passive voice)
22. Selvi reads the newsprint.
(Change this into a question)
23. Meena is an intelligent learner.
(Add a ques. tag)
24. A lady wrote to her husband, .I write to you
because I have nothing to do. I finish because
I have nothing to say..
(Change into indirect speech)
25. Kavitha .......... (go) to school daily.
(Use the accurate tense of the verb)
26. Study well. You will get good marks.
(Use .If.)
27. The box is too heavy to lift for me.
(Use so ....... that ....... not)
28. Kodaikanal is cooler than Chennai.
(Change into positive)
29. Fatima is not ugly.
(Change into affirmative)

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